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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 795: Self-Destruct System

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Chapter 795: Self-Destruct System
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Sam pouted helplessly. "I'm just saying…"

Xinghe turned around to get Mubai's opinion. "What do you think about this?"

Mubai said matter-of-factly, "What can I think about this? We can only leave it to the bigwigs of the major countries. Of course, if we can get more information from He Lan Long, it would be better. Our hands are tied at the moment, we will step in when they ask for our help."

Xinghe nodded in agreement. "You are right, this thing is no longer something we can solve on our own. However, I swear to unearth this base's secrets!"

"Of course, this base still hides many unknown secrets, we need to get them discovered as soon as possible so we will have more time to come up with a plan to deal with what comes next. Come on, let's get moving," Mubai said directly. He planned to be personally involved as well. They still had free access from Chui Qian for now, so they needed to make use of the opportunity. When other counties got involved, they probably would not be able to wander around the base so freely anymore…

With a plan in place, Xinghe's group mobilized. They did not think He Lan Long was bluffing, so none of them dared to treat this lightly. They treated it with the seriousness that it deserved.

First thing they looked at was naturally the base's heart, the information center. In other words, the control room that stored all the necessary information.

However, in the large control room, every computer was locked behind a password. There were more than ten supercomputers, and each had a different lock. Unlocking them would require a lot of time. Xinghe's party was not afraid of the lock being too hard, but they were afraid that unlocking them would take too much time.

"There are so many experts here, if we each work on one, I am sure the speed will be much faster," Ee Chen suggested.

For the purpose of this mission, Chui Qian ordered about ten computer experts to come and help. They were all waiting for Xinghe's arrangement.

Xinghe nodded. "That sounds fine, everyone will be responsible for one. However, let me try first, perhaps they are fitted with some kind of information wipe system."

She was afraid that their carelessness would trigger such system and their opportunity would be wasted. No one had any issues with her having the first crack at it.

As Xinghe sat down in front of a supercomputer, the screen suddenly lit up. A frame that scanned human face feature appeared on screen and the computer said in a mechanical voice, "Please insert the password within three seconds or the system will initiate the self-destruct sequence after one minute. Beginning countdown, three…"

When the mechanical voice started the countdown, Xinghe immediately jumped up from the chair and away from the computer. Everyone looked at the computer in shock. Xinghe was right all along, these computers were fitted with information wipe program, and it was something as crazy as a self-destruct sequence!

If the password was not provided in three seconds, the system would self-destruct. They could only say that the He Lan family was incredibly cautious.

"Xinghe, what should we do‽ It's going to self-destruct soon!" Ali yelped anxiously. Everyone else was equally worried. The three second countdown was ending soon, and the computer would self-destruct in the next minute.
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