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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 791: Fire

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Chapter 791: Fire
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This was to create an illusion. Xinghe's plan was to use the contagious flu to completely ruin this orphanage; they would not be allowed to operate anymore in the future. The files in the basement had been moved away after she hacked the lock. No one would know what really happened that night.

Before the sun rose, everyone at the orphanage had fallen ill. The strength of the contagion was so strong that even the bodyguards and doctors refused to get close to the orphanage even if they were wearing an MET suit. Only Xinghe's group volunteered to do the job.

At the same time, He Bin had received the update from Xinghe. Every important member of the He Lan family was briefed on everything that happened at the orphanage. When they saw the video taken by Xinghe, they were shocked because they did not expect the contagious flu to be so fatal.

Even He Lan Qi, who was given special care by a team of doctors, was barely hanging on much less these people who had less. However, their first response after seeing so much suffering was not to send more people to save them but to ruin everyone there to cover it up!

This involved way too many people, the news could not be allowed to leak, or else it would be over for all of them. Furthermore, they did not have enough resources to save so many people, and if they brought in help from outside, their secret would definitely be leaked.

Therefore, they suggested to wipe Angel Orphanage off the face of the earth with a giant fire. When He Bin listened to these people's heartless decision over video conference, his heart was chilled. This was the He Lan family, none of them had a human heart. Then again, why else would He Lan Chang keep them around if they were not cruel?

It was because of their decisive cruelty that the He Lan family's secret could remain unnoticed for so long. Naturally, He Bin had to play into this heartless character as well. He permitted their decision to destroy everyone and everything still quarantined at the orphanage.

Even though everyone agreed to this decision, none of them were willing to do it themselves. They were afraid of getting infected. Eventually, they collectively shoved it onto He Bin's shoulders since he was the head of the house. He Bin expected as much from this group of snakes, but he was willing to bear this responsibility.

After Xinghe received his news, she said with a smile, "Then we will continue on with the plan, leave the rest to us."

"Okay, be careful."

"Don't worry, everything will be over soon." Xinghe hung up after she promised that. He Bin also closed his phone, then he stared out the window. There was a layer of frost on the glass, the night outside must be as cold as ice. However, He Bin's blood was boiling from the excitement of this glorious and noble mission…

The doctors and bodyguards who did not get infected at the orphanage were sent away. The children were secretly escorted out of the premise as well.

Then, the whole orphanage was drenched with petrol. The sharp smell permeated the dense air. Everyone in Xinghe's group had a lighter in their hands. They studied the empty buildings with a detached eye.

"Let's get started!" After she said so, Xinghe lit her lighter before throwing it at one of the buildings. Then, everyone else followed suit.

The fire caught immediately. The flames were like God's cleansing flames as it swept through this desecrated ground, swallowing everything that had been touched by sin.
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