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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 788: Revenge

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Chapter 788: Revenge
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He Lan villa was like a fortress and He Lan Chang always had a troop of bodyguards with him. He was already so careful, and they even managed to get to him, so how did they do that? Then, Deqing suddenly realized he had something more important to worry about.

Deqing stared rightly at Xinghe to ask, "Do you people plan to harm Young Master as well? Is this contagious flu your handiwork too‽"

"Manager Huang certainly is a clever person, you have managed to correctly guess that as well," Xinghe said with a faint smile.

Deqing's face blanched. "So it is you people!"

"That's right! But you have found that out a little bit too late," Ali said with a wicked smile.

Deqing waved his hands frantically. "No, you cannot kill me, Young Master will definitely notice and be suspicious of my death, the He Lan family will never let you people go free!"

"Do you really think He Lan Qi has the time to care about your life or death?" Xinghe asked as she stared down at him. Deqing then realized He Lan Qi was struggling with the illness himself. If they were going to deal with He Lan Qi, would they forgive someone less important like him?

"Who are you people? Why are you doing this?" Deqing asked with his heart at his throat. His sweat kept falling from his forehead. Facing death, even his cough had miraculously disappeared.

"The reason we are doing is naturally because of… revenge," Xinghe answered coolly, her gaze that studied him was as cold as the air above one's grave. "Deqing, all the innocent orphans that have died in your hands are back to haunt you."

Deqing widened his eyes with fear. Normally, he thought murdering was something normal, but at the moment, fear choked his heart. "This is all because He Lan Chang ordered me to, I am only following orders! I did not kill any of them, I am not responsible for any of their deaths! You cannot simply pin this on me, I swear I have not directly killed a human being before!"

"Shameless!" Ali kicked him hard on his chest; she was angry enough to kill. "You might have not killed them directly, but it was you who gave the order. Huang Deqing, you have killed so many innocent children that you could die one thousand times and it would not be enough to pay for your sins. Since you had the courage to give the order, then you should have been prepared to face the consequences!"

Deqing coughed with difficulty before suddenly laughing coldly. "None of you will be walking out of here alive if you kill me. Everyone here belongs to the He Lan family. How are you going to explain my death to them‽ But…"

Deqing slowed down and threatened, "If you spare me then I will pretend nothing ever happen or else we will all die together! I have important information on the He Lan family with me, they will not overlook my death so easily."

Deqing thought this was going to scare them and to be honest, it did give Xinghe's group a second thought…

Xinghe seemed to have considered something before saying, "It is possible for us to not kill you, tell us everything you know, or we will throw you out the window this minute!"

Sam suddenly rushed forward to grab Deqing and drag him towards the window. He slammed the window open and the night breeze filtered in…

Sam forced Deqing's upper body over the ledge and when Deqing looked down into the dark abyss, he felt his legs giving. His room was at the tenth floor, this fall was definitely going to kill him.

Witnessing his fear, Sam dragged him back, tossed him to the ground and closed the window.

Deqing was weak all over from being tossed all over the room. He used the last ounce of energy in his body to drag himself to the wall. He leaned on the wall and glared at them. "You people do not have the guts to kill me. I…"

Before he could finish, he screamed in pain because one of his arms was suddenly forcefully dislocated. Sweat poured down his face and he finally got it in his brain that these people were serious.
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