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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 784: Bring Manager Huang to Quarantine

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Chapter 784: Bring Manager Huang to Quarantine
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Deqing knew the gravity of the situation and so cooperated fully. Even though the day had started to get dark, the orphanage was still chaotic. A miasma of anxiety filled the air. If a large scale contagious flu did spread through the orphanage, then their secret would be exposed. None of them would be saved from judgment even if they worked for the powerful He Lan family, therefore, all of them prayed that it was just a passing flu…

To everyone's surprise, after a long day of busying and hustling, Deqing suddenly started coughing. The first cough even caught himself by surprise. Like in a cartoon, the people around him all turned to look at him and took several steps back in unison!

"I…" Deqing opened his mouth to explain himself but was interrupted by more coughing.

Xinghe immediately ordered, "Men, take Manager Huang to quarantine for further inspection."

"Yes!" Still in their bodyguard disguise, Wolf and Sam in masks and gloves came to usher Deqing out of the room.

Deqing struggled in a panic, "Let me go, I am not sick! I… cough …"

Xinghe said formally, "Manager Huang please cooperate. We must not let this flu continue to spread!"

After she said that, all of people there wished for Deqing to be hurriedly taken away. They were not going to sacrifice everything for one man even if that man was the manager. Thus, the helpless Deqing was escorted away.

Since the news of the contagious flu could not be publicized for their safety, the doctors Xinghe brought along changed one of the buildings at the orphanage into a quarantine center. No one was allowed to get close without permission. Of course, no one would want to get close willingly.

The rooms there were sterilized and isolated. There were guards posted in front of every quarantine room. Very soon, Deqing was hauled into one of the rooms. Not long after that, the center started to fill up…

Some of the children were patients as well. Initially, everyone thought the flu was nothing serious and Xinghe's group was making mountain out of molehill. However, after so many people were continuously sent into quarantine, the whole orphanage started to fret.

There were thirty workers and over two hundred orphans there. What if all of them were infected?

The result was the same, they would be exposed!

To prevent that from happening, the He Lan family cooperated fully and requested that everyone be quarantined. This was because if this flu was brought into the public eye by making headlines, then their secret would be exposed and the whole He Lan family would fall.

Therefore, even though plenty of workers voiced their dissatisfaction from being forcibly quarantined, they were no match for the He Lan family who wanted this thing to be resolved as quietly as possible.

Xinghe was He Lan Qi's personal assistant so she was the natural leader. Furthermore, none of the other He Lans dared to come to the orphanage because they were afraid of infection.

After they quarantined a certain number of people, a few doctors came to Xinghe with the 'advice' to separately quarantine children and adults. There was a valid reason behind this. Children had a weaker immune system to adults, so it was not beneficial for them to be quarantined in the same place as the adult patients. They would be infected way too easily. Therefore, the adults and children had to be separated.

Even those that showcased no symptoms had to stay for two days for observation.

All the children were kept in an isolated building. The building had many guards and not everyone was allowed entry. Xinghe's group was the exception. Whenever Xinghe brought her people to check up on these children, she realized the kids were exceptionally obedient. That was not surprising because they had been brought up to only listen to orders and nothing else. Even at a highly tense time like this, they were still so painfully obedient.
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