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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 778: Absolute Loyalty

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Chapter 778: Absolute Loyalty
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Not one trace of imperfection was allowed to show in the children, especially disobedience. The moment one of them broke the rules, torture-like punishment awaited them!

They trained these orphans like dogs, instilling absolute obedience into their growing minds. The rowdy kids would be punished, and after enough punishment, the kids would have lost their usage and thus be disqualified and disposed of. The kind of disposal method was never revealed to the children, they only knew some of their friends would suddenly disappear overnight.

All the children were incredibly young and none of them had the ability to survive and look after themselves. To prevent the fate of abandonment, they would transform into loyal dogs and would answer to every order the adults gave them.

Even if internally they were not satisfied, none of them dared voice it aloud, afraid that it would reach the adults' ears. Therefore, when they grew up, with years of obedience training drilled into them, they would eventually become mindless human beings, the perfect tools.

Of course, the children that had fallen seriously ill would be given up. It was why the little boy today was so afraid and had hidden his sickness. He was so afraid when he was found out because he was deeply scared of being abandoned.

None of the adults working there saw the children as children, instead they were treated more like livestock. Unruly children would be tortured and even failing to live up to their expectations would get punished as well. The smallest mistake would get punished.

None of the children knew about the world beyond the walls of the orphanage. In their little minds, they thought this was what childhood was like, and every child in the world lived lives similar to theirs. In fact, they did not even know there was an outside world; the orphanage was their world.

The fact that they had managed to completely brainwash these children was Deqing's most proud accomplishment in his mind. This was because that place required people with absolute obedience…

Deqing mentioned he learned this management method from his father. When He Lan family opened this ironically named Angel Orphanage, it was Deqing's father who looked after these children.

When He Bin heard this, his eyes shuddered slightly and asked casually, "This mean that the first batch of orphans Uncle Huang's father raised must have been the best."

Deqing said proudly, "Naturally, according to rumors, in the first batch of seeds raised my father was extremely lucky because there were numerous geniuses. However, none of us knew what happened after that, in fact, we are until now unclear what happened to them."

"When will this latest batch of seeds be transferred to the place?" He Bin changed the subject.

"In a few days, we have already arranged everything."

He Bin nodded and said, "Why don't I tag along?"

Deqing was shocked and He Bin explained with a smile, "I am to take over that place as well."

"Oh, sure, then why not? When the time comes, I will inform Young Master, and Young Master can come with us."

"Thank you, Uncle Huang."

The moment He Bin said that, Deqing's phone suddenly rang.

He answered the phone. His face darkened after he continued the conversation for some time. He said into the phone, "Continue the observation, if he does not improve, I am sure you all know what to do."

After he hung up, he explained to He Bin, "Young Master, the boy from before has been detected to suffer from encephalomeningitis and I do not think he will be able to recover."

"Is that so? Such sad news," He Bin commented lightly.

"Yes, it is indeed very sad!" Deqing agreed with him, but he was only feeling sad for the resources that had been wasted to cultivate this seed.
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