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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 77: Xi Mubai is Helping Xia Xinghe

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Chapter 77: Xi Mubai is Helping Xia Xinghe

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Furthermore, no one could tell for sure what would happen during the three years prison sentence.

It would be extremely easy to do her in inside the lock-up. No one would care if a prison inmate dies under inexplicable circumstances after all.

The pair would not let her get out alive because as long as she had a breath in her, Xia Family's inheritance would not fall into their hands easily.

Xinghe grinned inwardly.

Now that they had shown their true colors, she wouldn't feel sorry about what she was going to do to them in the future. An eye for an eye, right?

"My second question is if it is Xia Wushuang who framed me, how serious will her criminal charge be?"

The police officer was startled. "The fact is you attacked her, so how could Ms. Xia Wushuang have framed you?"

"How serious?" Xinghe repeated flatly.

"As serious as your crime of willful and malicious injury!" the officer answered.

"So, no matter which of us in the right, one of us is going to spend at least a week in jail?" Xinghe asked for confirmation. Her voice echoed through the hall of the ballroom, making sure everyone heard it.

Wushuang felt her eyelids twitch, she had a bad feeling rising in her heart.

Even the police had to take a pause because it was obvious Xinghe had a plan.

What if it was truly proven Chui Ming was in the wrong, and then what should they do?

Xinghe capitalized on the officer's hesitation and pursued her line of question, "Why, the cat got your tongue? So, the Chui Family does have the police force in their pockets."

Xinghe was prodding the police into action.

If they still remained ambiguous with their conduct, it would handily prove they were in some ways working for the Chui Family.

They knew they had to make a move soon because the place played host to parties more powerful than the Chui Family. Depending on how they handled the situation, the thing could turn into a real political and administrative disaster.

Regardless, the leading officer still snuck a look at Chui Ming, trying to solicit his advice.

Chui Ming said with a smirk, "If you can prove that the both of us are in any way framing you, the police will definitely do their work according to the law!"

Chui Ming wasn't one bit afraid that the truth would come out into the open.

Their plan was designed and carried out to perfection, they had even managed to manipulate the security video to their side.

There was no way Xia Xinghe was getting out this!

"Everyone heard that?" Xinghe accosted the crowd, "Now, I want everyone here to be my witness because I'm afraid Mr. and Mrs. Chui will later try to squirm out of their own words."

"I will be your witness," Mubai announced softly. That was more than enough because he represented authority in City T.

No one would have any opinion if he was the witness.

"Thank you," Xinghe said politely.

Mubai replied with a slight smile, "I am after all the host of this party. It's my duty to be impartial to all parties and make sure that all sides are heard."

For Tianxin, it sounded like her fiancé was being extremely partial to Xia Xinghe!

Her sixth sense told her that Mubai was helping Xia Xinghe. She gritted her teeth in anger.

The b*tch deserves a three-year sentence, and then, raped and stabbed to death in jail!

Alas, Tianxin's evil wish was not to come true for now.

With Mubai as her witness, Xinghe continued.

She looked at Wushuang and Chui Ming tiredly. "Are you two done with your show and tell? Because if you do, I'm going to show the room my evidence."

Wushuang's expression had a minute shift, she felt inexplicably anxious.

Could the b*tch really have proof on her?


She made sure they were a distance away from everyone else when they spoke, no one could step up to vouch for her!

The security feed was useless for her as well.

So where does the anxiety come from?

Chui Ming, on the other hand, was more substantial. He was unfazed by Xinghe's words, believing they were all empty threats.

"Xia Xinghe, I give ten seconds to produce your so-called proof, then I'll personally escort you to the police station!"
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