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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 754: Arrest He Lan Qi

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Chapter 754: Arrest He Lan Qi
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No, to be precise, what it did was push He Lan Qi into the public eye. The video was short and was shot at He Lan Villa. It showed He Lan Qi with a few of the security, dragging a bloodied He Bin from one mansion to another. This was the video captured by Xinghe earlier and she chose to release it online. It created a ripple effect almost instantly.

The incident of the Angel Orphanage was swept under the rug by He Lan Chang's influence very quickly. The public had slowly forgotten about it, but this latest video had returned it to the forefront as a chain reaction. The rumors this time were even worse.

Country R's citizens could not help but start to speculate about the hideousness and darkness of this family. The public outcry was so harsh that the police were forced to launch a rescue mission at He Lan villa to save He Bin. However, he could not be found!

No matter how hard the He Lan family's PR team tried to explain this situation, everyone was certain that He Bin had already been killed by He Lan Qi and the body had already been taken care of. They demanded that He Lan Qi be arrested. This development was something He Lan Chang did not expect!

Even though Chui Qian was on their side, he could not help them cover something as huge as this. The whole country saw with their own eyes what He Lan Qi had done. If the police did not arrest He Lan Qi, then the whole country would rise up in revolt.

He Lan Qi was furious, but he had no choice but to allow himself to be led to the police station like a criminal. His father was equally furious, and he knew for sure this was Xia Xinghe's doing. He even suspected the earlier release of the Angel Orphanage news was her handiwork as well. The fact that they dared to challenge him so openly made him bare his teeth in anger. He wished to capture Xinghe and her accomplices and torture them until their dying breath!

After He Lan Qi was taken away, He Lan Chang's fury lasted for quite a sizeable amount of time. He called Chui Qian and yelled his order at him, "Find that bastard son and bring him to me immediately! Only by showing him alive to the public can my precious son be saved! If you fail me, do not fault me for what I do to you as punishment!"

Chui Qian's eyes darkened as He Lan Chang's threat drifted into his ear. It strengthened his conviction to escape from He Lan Chang's control. He was the president of a country; how could he allow himself to be threatened and ordered around like this?

However, facing He Lan Chang, Chui Qian did not dare show any trace of dissatisfaction. "Do not worry, I will look for him as fast as I can, he should still be alive. Then, He Lan Qi will be safe."

"I hope you can fulfill your promise and find him as soon as possible. Also, take care of those vermin from the Shen family! Chui Qian, this is your chance to impress me, so do not disappoint me. If you do, I will have to suspect you have secret dealings with Hwa Xia's Shen family." He Lan Chang ended with an open threat.

Chui Qian's eyes turned chillier, but his tone was as subservient as ever. "Why would you suspect something like that? Do not worry, I will follow your instructions obediently."

"Good, get it done quickly." He Lan Chang then hung up on him. He always talked to him like this, like the president was a station lower than himself. He Lan Chang ordered Chui Qian around like he was his servant, he didn't give him a shred of respect.

Even though Chui Qian admitted that He Lan Chang was crucial during his start-up period, it did not mean that he gave He Lan Chang the right to trample all over him.

No matter who it was, being treated like a disposable tool would breed resentment. Furthermore, Chui Qian had the intention to escape He Lan Chang's control for a very long time. He realized this was a never-ending road, he did not want to sink deeper into the darkness. He wished to break away from them as soon as he could to regain the freedom he deserved.
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