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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 751: Save the Man

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Chapter 751: Save the Man
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It took a special kind of heartless to come after your own flesh and blood. Xinghe had seen that streak in He Lan Chang and thus had predicted a bad ending for He Bin.

Unfortunately, He Bin refused to heed her warning. However, Xinghe did wonder what He Bin had reported to He Lan Chang that managed to arouse his suspicion so soon. Everything happened with such expedience that Xinghe had a hard time confirming whether he was still alive or not.

Xinghe could not afford to have him die on her because she could lose an important chess piece in her effort to topple the He Lan family. Therefore, Xinghe had to launch a quick rescue mission to ensure that he was still alive.

"Let's begin the mission tonight!" Xinghe announced out of nowhere.

However, Mubai understood her immediately. "You plan to save him?"

"Yes, it is not yet time for him to die yet. His death will mean a loss of many opportunities for us, so no matter the risk, we have to save him."

"What if he remains indisposed to us after we save him?"

Xinghe smiled chillingly. "If he decides to be so stupidly filial, then I will admit my mistake in placing my faith in the wrong guy. Naturally, in that case, there is no reason for us to keep him anymore!"

Mubai liked this kind of Xinghe, one who was ruthless and would not be blinded by charity and kindness.

"Okay, we will begin the operation tonight," he added supportively. Xinghe's rescue plan was actually very simple and low risk because she could edit the surveillance inside the He Lan family's residence as she wished. Furthermore, this was not the first rescue mission for Sam's group. He Lan Villa was child's play compared to the high security prison they'd sprung Charlie out of.

With perfect coordination from both sides, they successfully saved He Bin. Another crucial reason for such a success was that He Lan family did not expect anyone would come to He Bin's aid, so there was lax security in the prison that housed him. Everyone was still asleep when He Bin was rescued from the villa.

Xinghe expected some injuries on him but she never expected it would be so serious. The bullet wound on his body aside, his two legs were broken, and there were numerous whiplashes on his body.

He Lan Qi definitely did not hold back. The fact that He Bin survived such an interrogation was a miracle in and of itself. However, he did look like he was perishing.

The group of medics Mubai brought along just in case certainly proved their usefulness. They gave He Bin a rudimentary bandage to temporarily stop his conditions from worsening. However, if he would survive the ordeal depended on the man's physical attributes and survival instincts.

Xinghe had faith that He Bin would survive because it would have been such a waste for him to die just like that.

After a night of emergency operations, He Bin finally gained consciousness the next morning. When he opened his eyes and saw the snowy white ceiling, He Bin thought he was sleeping. What is happening? Have I died?

Suddenly, a clear and melodious female voice popped up beside him.

"You're up?"

He Bin turned his head with much effort and saw Xinghe, Mubai, and a few others stood by his bedside. His eyes watered slightly and croaked, "You people… saved me?"

"That's right, you are still alive, it is truly a miracle," Xinghe said nonchalantly.

Sam purposely added to scare him, "However, you were so close to death's embrace. This did come as a surprise to us. We didn't expect you would have suffered such severe injuries. Isn't He Lan Chang your father, how can he be so cruel towards you?"

The mention of He Lan Chang made He Bin tense his body and a deep, dark hatred boiled in his eyes. Yesterday, during the torture session, he had confirmed with He Lan Qi that it was them who killed his mother.

They realized her existence as the outside woman would ruin their family's reputation, therefore, she had to be removed!
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