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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 74: Ruin Xia Xinghe with One Move

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Chapter 74: Ruin Xia Xinghe with One Move

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Even though they weren't privy to the whole truth, they could fill in the blanks with their own imaginations.

In their minds, Xia Xinghe had to be a less than stellar woman.

If not, why would her marriage to Mubai only last for three years?

Mubai is such a perfect, saintly man, if even he couldn't stand her, it goes to show how horrible his ex-wife must be.

Now that they saw that she hurt her sister with 'their own eyes' and still dared to hold herself in such high regard, it was hard for them to believe she was a good person.

None of them knew, while Xinghe was being supercilious, it was specifically aimed at the couple's acting.

She felt embarrassed on Wushuang and Chui Ming's behalf for their crappy acting chops. She refused to entertain the duo's laughable performance.

But in people's eyes, her lack of response and emotion was misconstrued as egotism.

People have issues against women that think too highly of themselves.

Xinghe's condition was only made worse by the fact that she was a divorced woman.

The Chinese cultural ideals of a woman being loyal and subservient worked to undermine Xinghe's innocence…

Furthermore, Xinghe didn't care to explain herself, she just allowed the crowd to go rampant with their speculation even though the conclusion they reached wasn't favorable for her.

Of course, Wushuang and Chui Ming wouldn't have given her a chance to clear her name anyway.

They were determined to ruin Xia Xinghe with one move, to send her to lowest dredge of life.

This was because the day Xia Xinghe regained her foothold would be the day Wushuang's life ended.

The reason Chui Ming married Wushuang was he had his eyes set on Xia Family's enormous inheritance.

Therefore, Chui Ming couldn't allow her to challenge the distribution of the inheritance.

Actually, Chui Ming didn't consider Xinghe a threat even though she might have recovered her memory. Though, he was cautious of Xi Mubai.

Xinghe was Mubai's ex-wife and they had a son together.

From Wushuang and Chui Ming's perspective, Mubai must have given his ex-wife a helping hand or else how would a woman like Xinghe make a comeback so suddenly and so soon?

The both of them feared Xinghe and Mubai reigniting their love for each other and should the day come when the two of them remarried, it would truly be the end for Wushuang and Chui Ming.

They wouldn't be able to handle an opponent as powerful as Xi Mubai.

Therefore, they had to take out Xia Xinghe before she was able to bolster her new lease on life, before she could wiggle her way back into Mubai's affection and life.

Or else it would be too late.

Both Chui Ming and Wushuang were brutal people, they would not hesitate to kick their enemies while they were down, especially if it were the two that sent them down there in the first place.

Enemies, it's easier to take them out when they're young!

It was why the pair was so determined to frame Xinghe.

Chui Ming was so open with his hatred towards Xinghe that no one dared to speak up.

They didn't want to cross Chui Ming.

Other than the occasional contained chatters, the room was still watching the scene unfold. Xinghe was left to her own devices.

However, her expression remained unchanged. There was no sign of fear or anxiety, she was as motionless as a statue.

Even though Wushuang was 'miscarrying' before her, she was still unaffected. What a cold-blooded b*tch!

"Wushuang, don't worry, I will not let her get away with it if anything happens to you! There will be hell for those that dare to hurt you!" Chui Ming exclaimed as he pulled Wushuang into a deep hug, portraying the role of a loving husband to the best of his ability.

The crowd was further roused by this open display of love. Their mounting anger was directed straightly at Xinghe.

Finally, someone in the crowd piped up, "So I heard they're sisters. How nasty you must be to harm your own little sister like that‽"

"She must be incredibly envious of Wushuang. I know life hasn't been kind to Xia Xinghe for the past few years, she must have gotten mentally imbalanced knowing her little sister has married a good man for her to be able to do something as immoral as this."
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