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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 727: No Longer Deserve the Shen Name

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Chapter 727: No Longer Deserve the Shen Name
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She was the real deal! Tong Yan assumed that, as long as they couldn't find Shen family's second miss, she and her mother would still have the chance to sneak their way back into the Shen family, because it would mean that they hadn't been completely replaced.

However, that dream was shattered. More than that, the person had to be Xia Xinghe's mother.

Thinking back to everything that had happened between her and Xinghe, and most importantly, how Xinghe had usurped her position as the Shen family's only granddaughter, she felt like she was going crazy!

It was hard enough for her to accept that she had lost the Shen family, but now, Xinghe had completely taken over her role. She not only ruined everything, she had replaced her fully and completely!

She no longer had any right to isolate Xinghe because she was the real outsider.

Tong Yan finally lost it and screamed crazily, "This is not happening! This is fake, how can you be Grandpa's granddaughter? I am! There must be deep mistake with this DNA report. Xia Xinghe, you must have paid off the doctors, because you cannot be me, I demand that we redo this test, I must expose your falsity!"

Chui Ying was swayed by her friend and came to her aid. "That's right, this report must have been falsified. Grandfather Shen, I demand a redo; Xia Xinghe must be lying. This is her wickedness showing again, Little Yan is your only biological granddaughter!"

Humans are best at self-deception. Even Shen Ru was convinced by Tong Yan's and Chui Ying's words, she believed fully that this was Xinghe's tricks. She even suspected the earlier result that told her she was a Lin was Xinghe's trick as well. How else could she explain all these coincidences?

Therefore, there had to be a mistake.

"Father, there has to be something wrong with this. We must redo the DNA test; I have to be your daughter!" Shen Ru said with a crazed conviction.

Chui Ying chimed in, "That's right, like I said earlier, Grandfather Shen, this Xia Xinghe is too suspicious, you mustn't believe her. Auntie Ru and Little Yan are you blood kin, there is no denying that!"

"Father, that's right, we are your real blood and flesh!" Shen Ru nodded agitatedly, she had poured all her faith into this last hope and life-saving straw.

Xinghe suddenly scoffed. "Even after so many tests, do you people still refuse to face the truth?"

"Xia Xinghe, you must be playing us for fools. All the reports from before are fakes; they have to be!" Shen Ru retorted angrily.

"I believe Grandfather knows in his heart who is real and who is fake."

Elder Shen announced severely, "There's no need for another test! I believe fully Xinghe is my biological granddaughter and you two have indeed proven yourselves to be carrying the Lin family's blood!"

"Father, how can you believe her? You must wake up from her seduction…"

Before Shen Ru could finish, another landed on her face, but this time it was Elder Shen who slapped her. Shen Ru stared at him blankly, her brain couldn't process what was happening. She couldn't believe the father that had loved her for decades would raise his hand against her. This was the first time he had ever done that!

Elder Shen glared solemnly at her and denounced her, "Shen Ru, from today onwards, you no longer have the right to bear the Shen name!"
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