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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 705: I Need Your Cooperation

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Chapter 705: I Need Your Cooperation
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His plan was to adopt Shen Ru, and this was his way of balancing both ends. He didn't voice his plan out loud, but Xinghe understood it implicitly. This was the best he could do considering the situation. He didn't have the heart to deny the suffering of either one of his daughters.

Xinghe nodded and said, "Grandfather, actually I'm curious about the identity of the other woman."

"You mean Chui Ying?" Elder Shen frowned with surprise. After all, Xinghe didn't give him the impression that she was a busybody. In fact, he believed she was the complete opposite of one.

However, Elder Shen still answered honestly, "She is from Country R's Chui family. In fact, they are our Shen family's savior. About ten years ago, I went to Country R to do some business and your stepmother went with me. However, she was unlucky enough to get kidnapped and was locked in a freezer when the kidnappers tried to leverage with us. She almost died in there. It was Chui Ying's grandfather who used his influence to save her, if not for them, both of my daughters would have been lost. Therefore, our Shen family owes them a life. Unfortunately, that incident caused irreparable harm to Shen Yu's body, causing her to become infertile."

Xinghe raised her brow with interest. No wonder Chui Ying's words carried such weight in the Shen family.

"Miss Chui is also from Country R?" She was intrigued by this detail.

Elder Shen nodded and said rather tactfully, "Indeed, the Chui family is one of the strongest and biggest family in Country R."

Xinghe understood his meaning immediately. Country R's president also happened to have the Chui surname…

Looks like this Chui Ying didn't appear at Hwa Xia for no reason. However, this might be the opening Xinghe was looking for as well, her eyes glowed with brilliance and she suddenly told Elder Shen, "Grandfather, I need your cooperation with something."

Elder Shen was taken aback. "Cooperation? What kind?"

Xinghe looked at him and promised firmly, "I can help you find your daughter, but I will need your full cooperation. Currently, I need you to cooperate with me, but I cannot tell you the details of the plan, so I need both your trust and your cooperation."

"You can really find my daughter?" Elder Shen asked with hesitation.

"Yes." Xinghe's answer was succinct but there was a wealth of confidence behind it. Elder Shen chose to believe her, as if he had no other choice.

"Okay!" He nodded firmly and asked, "What kind of cooperation do you need from me?"

"Cut all ties with Shen Ru and Tong Yan," Xinghe announced out the blue. Both Elder Shen and Ali widened their eyes in shock. What is Xinghe talking about‽

She wanted Elder Shen to cut Shen Ru and Tong Yan from his life? But why and how was that related to the search?

Elder Shen was curious about this as well. He asked, "This is the cooperation you need from me? But how is this related to the search for my daughter?"

"The relationship is deeper than you think but I cannot say anything for now. Don't worry, I will tell you everything soon. For now, I need your full cooperation, but don't worry, because this is only temporary, you can accept them back into the family whenever you want in the future," Xinghe answered softly, her thoughts were completely unreadable.

However, it didn't seem like it had anything to do with the intention to wrangle Elder Shen's love away from Tong Yan. It really did sound like it has everything to do with the search, but how and why…
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