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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 71: Lin Lin's Vote of Confidence

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Chapter 71: Lin Lin's Vote of Confidence

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It was a roundabout way of saying she didn't care for Mubai.

She wasn't there to seduce him.

Old Mrs. Xi was incensed by her snooty attitude. How dare she think that her son, Mubai, was not good enough for her.

"I don't care what your intention is in coming here today but I want you to remember this, you are not getting back together with Mubai ever. And don't you dare rope Lin Lin into your sick plot or you won't be spared from my wrath!"

Lin Lin's plate fell to the floor with a resounding clink and cake was splattered all over his suit.

It was a much-needed diversion to truncate the increasingly awkward situation.

Old Mrs. Xi quickly pulled Lin Lin to her side, dabbing the stain on his clothes, saying, "Lin Lin, what happened? Why so careless?"

"Grandma… Scary." Lin Lin looked at her with eyes that were slightly quavering with fear.

Old Mrs. Xi realized with a start, her harsh words had startled the child.

Her husband ordered with a low growl, "Take the child away for a change of clothes, or do you think the guests haven't seen enough?"

"Lin Lin, let's go," Tianxin said as she immediately leaned over to take his hand. Lin Lin avoided her and took Old Mrs. Xi's hands.

Old Mrs. Xi was happy the little fella seemed to have forgiven her.

She pulled Lin Lin into her arms and brought him away to change his clothes, her beef with Xinghe long forgotten. Old Mr. Xi was reluctant to stay so he stood up to follow.

Lin Lin looked up to see Xinghe and there was longing in his eyes…

Xinghe met his gaze and she felt the same way.

That day was the first time they met after three years of separation but they didn't even manage to converse more than a few words.

They didn't have the chance to know each other.

But at the very least, she knew her son cared about her.

Xinghe wasn't that obtuse, she could feel the protectiveness Lin Lin had for her.

Lin Lin had been her little guardian ever since she arrived at the party. She knew Lin Lin dropped the plate on purpose. It was to defuse Old Mrs. Xi's aggression.

Her son had done so many things for her but she did nothing for him…

It made Xinghe more determined to fight for his custody. It was not that she thought the Xi Family was mistreating him but she considered the reality of Mubai having more children after his marriage to Tianxin.

She could focus on Lin Lin alone but Mubai's attention would be separated among Lin Lin's future step-siblings. Do the math.

Plus, it was not like she didn't know Tianxin's true nature. She couldn't possibly leave Lin Lin in that witch's clutches.

But first, she needed to make sure she could provide Lin Lin everything the Xi Family could!

She wanted to give her son the best of everything. It was the only thing she could do for him currently.

The only thing she must do for him.

Xinghe's eyes steeled with determination, she stood up to leave…

"Xia Xinghe," Mubai suddenly called after her. Xinghe slowed down her steps and turned around impatiently. A pair of emotionless eyes greeted him.

She truly held no more concern for him.

This knowledge for some reason irked Mubai.

He narrowed his eyes at her and explained, "The only reason I invited you today was because of Lin Lin. There is no hidden motive."

In other words, he wanted her to not take what his mother said to heart.

Xinghe responded politely, "I was prepared to face all the critics the moment I said yes. They don't bother me. Therefore, you do not need to explain yourself."

Xinghe swiveled around and left. Mubai looked at her retreating back. An interested glow lit up in his eyes and his face hooked into a sinful smile.

He had gotten hooked into the verbal sparring that kept going back and forth between himself and his ex-wife.

It was weird because he had never found her that intriguing before.
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