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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 700: Who Is the Fake?

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Chapter 700: Who Is the Fake?
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Humiliated by Ali, Tong Yan glared angrily at her. "And who the hell are you? I am the Tong family's first heiress. I'm teaching this arrogant pretender to the throne a life lesson, so how dare you to interrupt me?"

Ali blurted out laughing. "This is so ironic, you have no clue who the real pretender is. Let me tell you, Xinghe…"

"Stop." Xinghe raised her hand slightly to stop Ali from continuing. Ali didn't know why Xinghe would stop her, but she clammed up obediently.

Tong Yan thought she finally had them cornered so she scoffed with derision. "Why did you stop? Don't tell me you plan to say Xinghe is the biological daughter and I'm not? Don't make me laugh, I might not bear the Shen name, but my mother is the Shen family's real daughter and that makes me more qualified to be here than Xia Xinghe, the faker. So don't show up here anymore because you don't have the right to take away everything that belongs to me! I will never allow you to do that!"

"Are you done?" Xinghe asked calmly. She was not at all affected by Tong Yan's slanderous words; she didn't even deign to look the little girl in her eyes.

Tong Yan glared openly at Xinghe. "That's right, I'm done! So get lost, the Shen family doesn't welcome you. Grandpa, Grandma, and Auntie are all mine; they have nothing to do with you! So stop being so shameless to come and steal my family! They are not yours so get lost!"

Tong Yan thought she could shame Xinghe into leaving, but Xinghe's eyes didn't even acknowledge her existence. It was as if Xinghe was listening to a mad dog bark.

"If you're done, then leave. Regardless of whether I am qualified to be a Shen or not, you are definitely not," Xinghe said softly before striding into the door.

"What did you say‽" Tong Yan glared at her back. "Xia Xinghe, you b*tch, how dare you talk to me like this? Ying Ying, look at the way she treats me; she is the one who takes everything away from me. She has not only ruined my life but has also stolen everything away from me. It is because of her that Grandpa refuses to see me!"

Tong Yan started bawling from feeling wronged. She was sad…

Chui Ying who stood beside her quickly consoled her, "Little Yan, don't be sad. Someone like her definitely doesn't deserve to be your competition, don't worry, I will help you this time."

"Ying Ying, thank you! You are so good to me." Tong Yan squeezed out a smile and hugged her friend.

Chui Ying smiled thinly and purposely spoke in a volume meant for Xinghe's ears, "There's no need to thank me, after all, we're friends. It's my responsibility to stand up for you. Come on, let's go in. Just wait and see, I will definitely help you take your revenge."

"Okay!" Tong Yan nodded excitedly and there was smugness in her eyes. Xia Xinghe, this time I will make you suffer! How dare you claim everything that belongs to me? I will make you return them to me with interest! Everything in the Shen family belongs to me; I will make you see that truth!

To fulfil her plan, Tong Yan dragged Chui Ying through the door anxiously. Of course, Ali and Xinghe had heard their conservation.

"Xinghe, that woman with Tong Yan doesn't look like a simple character," Ali reminded her softly.

Xinghe nodded slightly. "I know."
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