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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 693: The Ugly Side of the He Lan Family

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Chapter 693: The Ugly Side of the He Lan Family
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No matter the risk, they were willing to be in her corner. Xinghe, for her part, would remember and cherish their friendship for life.

After confirming that her mother was the Shen family's second daughter, Xinghe wasn't apparently excited. Instead, she brought Ali and the rest to meet up with Ee Chen. She had no clue why Ee Chen needed her, but she was sure it had something to do with the He Lan family.

They soon arrived at the designated spot where Ee Chen already stood waiting. As she descended from the car, Ee Chen dashed over and greeted her naturally.

Xinghe asked, "Why are we here?"

"Shush, follow me first!" Ee Chen ordered mysteriously as he led them towards a skyscraper. Xinghe's group was confused but they followed him obediently. They went up to a very high floor. Ali's group was cautious of Ee Chen and his mysterious ways, but Xinghe followed behind him confidently, not afraid that this was some kind of trap.

Finally, Ee Chen stopped in front of a door and Xinghe asked softly, "What is this place?"

"Come in and you'll find out." Ee Chen pushed open the door and strode in first. The rest of them followed, and realized the room was normal, there was nothing unique about this.

After closing the door, Ee Chen explained, "This is my hideout. The reason I asked you guys to come here is because there is something I need you to see later on."

"What is it?" Xinghe pressed.

With a smirk, Ee said coldly, "The He Lan family's ugly side."

Xinghe's eyebrow was raised.

Sam asked impatiently, "What ugly side?"

"Follow me." Ee Chen led them into a room, which looked like his bedroom. After entering, they noticed a telescope by the window.

Ee Chen parted the curtain slightly and adjusted the telescope as he said, "From here, you can see the Angel Orphanage managed by the He Lan family. Over this past year, I've been observing the place and have witnessed much of their ugly side. Today, I called you here so that you can see that for yourself."

Xinghe walked over and Ee Chen naturally vacated the space. Xinghe lowered her head to look through the telescope and as a large orphanage about several hundred meters ahead slightly to the left.

The orphanage was large and beautiful. The grass field had plenty of children playing on it. The workers at the orphanage were busy with their chores, Xinghe could even see the children studying in classrooms. She took a wide scope of the area but could spot nothing suspicious.

If there was anything out of place, it was that by the side entrance of the orphanage there was a large carrier van. The back of the van was open and there was plenty of thing inside even though it was only half full.

However, no one seemed to care about the remaining things in the van. Even there were workers around, they stood around chatting rather than unload the rest. This did arouse Xinghe's suspicion.

She stood up straight and asked Ee Chen, "Something wrong with that van, right?"

Ee Chen stared at her with utter shock and gasped. "How… how did you know there is something wrong with that van‽"
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