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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 674: Part of the Shen family

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Chapter 674: Part of the Shen family
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"Why would I give up on such a good opportunity? I'm already in my twilight years and this is my only hope left, if you can help me fulfil it, of course I will agree to it."

"Thank you, I will do my best to help you locate your daughter!" Xinghe promised seriously. Touched by her sincerity, an idea cropped up in Elder Shen's mind.

He studied Xinghe closely and couldn't help but ask, "Child, who else is there in your family? Are your parents still around?"

Xinghe was mildly startled; she had no idea why Elder Shen would ask this. However, she answered truthfully, "My father has been dead for years and my mother has disappeared for almost as long, until now, I have no clue where she is. However, I do have an uncle and cousin with me."

Elder Shen was inwardly overjoyed when he heard this. Her current situation allowed him to propose the following.

"Since both of your parents are not around, how about this? I'll adopt you as my step granddaughter," Elder Shen suggested with a smile. Xinghe and Mubai were shocked!

"Why?" Xinghe was surprised.

Elder Shen replied smilingly, "Didn't you say you want to represent our Shen family to go Country R? Then you'll need a valid identity, if you're my step granddaughter, then it will be authentic, wouldn't you agree? Of course, it's also my personal interest to take you as my granddaughter. You are so capable and have helped us fulfil our revenge, so we're all deeply appreciative of your help and all of us adore you. You have also saved the president's life so I'm sure Xiao Yu is more than willing to take you as her stepdaughter."

Xinghe was startled. "But why would someone as important as Madam President take me as her stepdaughter?"

Elder Shen understood her reservation and shook his head to say. "She would love to have you as her stepdaughter. After all, Xiao Yu has no children of her own and she will just be a normal civilian after the president retires. It's her gain taking you as her stepdaughter. If you agree, then this thing is done! So please agree, all of us really like you and I'm serious with this proposal."

"…" Xinghe didn't know what to say and she unconsciously turned to look at Mubai.

Mubai smiled happily. "You should agree! This is a good thing; wouldn't you like to have more family to love you?"

Xinghe's gaze shuddered slightly. That's right, isn't that what I'm looking for?

Furthermore, after spending some time with the Shen family, she realized she felt indescribably close to them. Therefore, she wasn't averse to being adopted by them.

"Okay, I agree!" Xinghe nodded and promised seriously.

"Good, good!" Elder Shen laughed happily. "From today onwards, you will be part of the Shen family, you are Shen Houde's granddaughter! If anyone dares to bully you in the future, tell Grandpa and I will help you take care of them!"

Xinghe didn't think he would be so kind to her. She was touched, but beyond that, it was a complicated mess of feelings in her heart. However, she promised that if the Shen family really treated her well and sincerely, she wouldn't mind responding in kind. Having more family wasn't a bad thing after all.

Just like that, Xinghe became Elder Shen's step granddaughter.

Elder Shen immediately informed Madam President of this news and she was overjoyed to take Xinghe as her stepdaughter.
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