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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 668: No Hurry to Get Married

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Chapter 668: No Hurry to Get Married
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"Miss Tong, Elder Shen really doesn't want to be disturbed, please leave!"

"I am his granddaughter, so how can you say we're going to disturb him? You didn't even go and ask him, so how did you know he doesn't want to meet us? Furthermore, Lin Shuang and that girl are in there, so I have more right than them to step into the house. You must be doing this on purpose. I'm telling you, I'm still the Tong family's eldest heiress, so you are not someone who can refuse my demands!" It looked like Tong Yan hadn't changed a bit.

The Xi family was not interested in their skit, so they got into the car and left.

Elder Xi harrumphed with derision. "That girl still hasn't learned her lesson, even at a time like this, she still hasn't seen the error of her ways!"

Mubai added coldly, "If not for the Tong family, I would definitely make sure she is squatting in prison alongside the Lin family!"

Even though Tong Yan was no longer affiliated to the Shen family, she was still related to the Tong family. Giving the Tong family face this time would benefit them in the long run.

Of course, this was all Xinghe's suggestion. She had no interest in pursuing justice for Tong Yan's actions. Her future would be a lot more difficult after losing her two largest backers, the Shen family and Madam President. That was punishment enough. Furthermore, the reality of life would be Tong Yan's biggest lesson.

Making someone like her spend the rest of her life in mediocrity was not bad revenge as well.

Xinghe would never kick someone when they were down because they no longer deserved her attention!

She had her own future to worry about. After her vengeance, those people would disappear from her mind, leaving behind no trace. For example, Tong Yan and the Lin family were, for her, already things of the past. She was always looking forward.

Her next goal was to figure out Project Galaxy. She wanted to know what this catastrophe that everyone seemed to speak of was. For some reason, her instincts told her that this was something important and she had to get to the bottom of it. There would be an unmitigated disaster if she didn't!

Thinking about all of this, Xinghe stole a look at Mubai.

This man who was ever sensitive to the movement in her emotions asked gently, "What's up?"

Before Xinghe could answer, Elder Xi who sat in front chimed in happily, "We will start arranging for your wedding when we get home! This time, we must celebrate it nicely. This will be a good chance for both of you to take a rest as well. Why not take a break for one or two years, this can be your honeymoon?"

However, Xinghe rejected it.

"Actually, I still don't feel like entering marriage," she said softly.

Elder Xi was confused. "Why not?"

From his point of view, she had mended bridges with Mubai and had been through so many after that. It seemed logical and appropriate for them to tie the knot. Furthermore, she didn't say anything when he brought up the idea of marriage earlier. So why did she change her mind then?

"This is actually my idea!" Mubai explained before Xinghe could answer. "Grandfather, neither of us are in the rush to get married, we can talk about this later when we're both more comfortable with the idea."

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