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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 664: Not Elder Shen's Daughter

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Chapter 664: Not Elder Shen's Daughter
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All of them assumed that Lin Shuang must be Elder Shen's daughter. Since Shen Ru was a Lin, it was only natural that Lin Shuang was a Shen.

However, to everyone's surprise, neither Shen Ru nor Lin Shuang were related by blood to the Shen family!

The Xi family found out about this the next day. The Shen family purposely invited them over to discuss this. Even Xinghe was surprised by this revelation. "It's not her?"

Elder Shen seemed to have grown old overnight. "It isn't, the DNA tests have been done twice; it really isn't her."

Elder Xi was shocked. "If neither one of them is your daughter, then where is she?"

"The police are interrogating Lin Zhenghwa as we speak. He demands that we allow them freedom in exchange for the girl's location!" Elder Shen spat with derision mentioning that family of weasels. "He sure knows how to dream! I would rather die than submit to his demands after what he did to my family!"

"However, if we don't give in to them, they will never give up our poor daughter's location," Old Madam Shen said with tears in her eyes.

Since yesterday, she and Elder Shen had not been feeling well. Their anxiety was slightly assuaged when they thought that Lin Shuang was their daughter, but in the end, she wasn't!

Worried about the possible fate of their estranged daughter, they were distressed. It was like a knife was hovering over their hearts.

Elder Xi was enraged. "Damn this Lin Zhenghwa, where is his heart‽ The fact that he swapped the children aside, he again traded the girl for another orphan and treated the adopted Lin Shuang like a dog. All of the Lin family deserve to die, none of them have a heart!"

The Lin family's cruelty really knew no bounds. Since they refused to raise their enemy's daughter, as the Shen family had done with Shen Ru, they tossed the Shen family's baby girl out for another. How could they manage something like that?

"I also wish death on all of them!" Elder Shen hissed, "And I treated them like family friends for so many years, but they have been eating me alive all this while! I was truly blind to not see their true faces. If not for your discoveries, I probably wouldn't have known how badly I've failed at life! I would die not knowing my real daughter is still out there suffering and I was raising that coyote's daughter as my own; I even planned to leave everything I have to her after I die…"

Elder Shen was angry enough to want to cough blood. He would haunt the Lin family even after his death.

His resentment was targeted at Shen Ru and Tong Yan as well. He had lavished so much of his love on them for so many decades, but he didn't think it was appropriate for him to treat them as kin anymore. The contrast was simply too hurtful for him to bear. He had given them everything he had, but in return, his own daughter was sold like a commodity by the Lin family…

Elder Shen felt his heart pained thinking about the years he had wasted on the people who came from the family that had done everything they could to sabotage the Shen family.

Elder Xi consoled him, "Elder Shen and Madam Shen, please don't give up hope. You have to take care of yourself to locate the real Shen family's second daughter. Don't worry, our Xi family will help in the search as well. If she is still alive, we will definitely find her."

Elder Shen nodded.
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