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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 661: Revenge was Finally Theirs

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Chapter 661: Revenge was Finally Theirs
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He stared directly at Xinghe and asked in a hair-raising voice, "You've been to Country Y, right‽"

"Not only that…" Xinghe stared him down and spat out, "We cooperated with Country Y's president to ruin your base!"

Lin Xuan was physically stunned. It was them who ruined IV Syndicate? How is that possible‽

"If not for that, how could we have saved Miss Xie? Thankfully, we did or else your crimes wouldn't have surfaced today."

Lin Xuan was still in disbelief, he couldn't believe it was her who destroyed IV Syndicate and he had absolutely no clue of that happening…

Not only him, everyone was also shocked that Xinghe was capable of destroying IV Syndicate. However, now that they thought about it, wasn't Xinghe the one who brought the evidence to expose Feng Saohuang's crimes at the court?

So, it wasn't just a coincidence that the evidence turned up then. The period Xinghe had disappeared from Hwa Xia, she spent gathering evidence in Country Y and had destroyed IV Syndicate in the process…

None of them there could have done something as amazing as this, but she did. At that moment, the way they looked at her changed. No one dared to underestimate her and treat her like a simple woman anymore…

"Impossible!" Lin Xuan narrowed his eyes dangerously. "That was definitely not your doing! How could you possibly destroy my organization‽"

"I'm not here to convince you of that fact," Xinghe replied.

Mubai added, "That's right, we're here only to expose all of your sins."

Whether Xinghe did those things or not was no longer important, the point was it was the end for the Lin family!

"Lin Xuan, I have to inform you that you're an international fugitive. Hwa Xia will not harbor you, neither will Country Y or the rest of the world. It is over for you and the rest of the Lin family!" Xinghe announced severely, releasing the hatred that had grown in her heart for so long.

Vengeance was finally theirs!

Just as Lin Xuan tried to struggle for one last time, Munan ordered, "Men, detain him!"

Instantly, a group of soldiers rushed in through the door.

"Take down every Lin there is!" Madam President added. About twenty pistols were pointed at the Lin family. "Don't move!"

They were surrounded immediately, and none of them dared to move a muscle. The Lin family's faces changed into masks of despair. Initially, they had come with the hope that the presidency was finally going to be theirs, so this was an unexpected development. Who could have known things would change so drastically overnight?

The Lin family was ruined. All of them were captured, there was no more hope for them. Their dreams, plans, hopes, and effort all went up in smoke!

Only despair and destruction waited them…

The Lin family was thus escorted away. Even Elder Lin and Lin Xuan were ushered out like the criminals they were. No matter how powerful they were, at this moment, they were the lowest of prisoners.

In this world, there was no eternal winner.
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