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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 67: A Family of Three

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Chapter 67: A Family of Three

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Unfortunately, Tianxin couldn't stop the rest of the world from talking.

"Who is that? How come we've not seen her before?"

"She does look familiar though…"

"You know… I think she's CEO Xi's ex-wife."

"No, you're right! Why else would Young Master Xi be holding her hand? That's his mom…"

"So, it is CEO Xi's ex-wife!"

"But didn't I hear the woman is a common housewife? How is it possible she turned out to be someone so extraordinary?"

"It's CEO Xi's ex-wife, of course she isn't someone ordinary…"

Tianxin's face got increasingly blanched as the comments of the people around her drifted into her ears.

She balled her fists angrily, her nails almost piercing through the ball of her palms.

She had to accept the truth. The woman who Xi Lin was leading slowly into the ballroom was Xia Xinghe.

The Xia Xinghe she had been hankering to humiliate all night. The Xia Xinghe she had been waiting to make an appearance.

Now that she did, how come it was completely different from what she imagined?

Xia Xinghe, that b*tch, she shouldn't be able to present herself like this, so glamorous, in a million-dollar dress on top of that!

This is all wrong! This is not the spectacle I want to see!

For the past two days, Tianxin had been practicing her insults, even in her dreams she was throwing shade at Xinghe.

And now? The reality was worse than her worst nightmare!

Xinghe was beautiful, graceful, calm and collected. More than that, she had Xi Lin that bastard son of hers leading her by the arm as they ambled into the ballroom. With Xi Lin at her side, she naturally had all the attention.

Even Mubai was staring at her transfixed.

Witnessing how absorbed Mubai was, Tianxin went several hues paler.

The abuse and insults she kept memorized in her mind gradually turned into misgivings…

She was struck by a sudden ominous feeling.

She could see it crumbling before her, her plans sifting through her grasp.

Xinghe had landed a crushing blow on her by just arriving there.

The tables would definitely turn if Xinghe was allowed to stay any longer. She would be the laughing stock instead of Xinghe.

No, she couldn't let that happen. The night's show was Xinghe's 'Humiliation Extravaganza', Tianxin wouldn't allow last minute changes! As they say, the show must go on!

Tianxin quickly collected herself, forced a smile and looked at Xi Lin with fake motherly kindness as she said with underlying accusation, "Lin Lin, where did you go off to? Do you not know that your little irresponsible disappearing act has all of us here, especially your father and me, deeply worried?"

Tianxin broke the silence, intending to use her words to pull everyone back onto Xi Lin's disappearance.

She purposely put herself in the sentence beside Mubai to let everyone know she was his chosen partner, the future Mrs. Xi.

However, she forgot the 4-year-old Xi Lin never liked her to begin with.

Xi Lin disregarded her completely.

The little boy walked past her to Mubai's side and pushed his other hand into Mubai's grasp.

Both Mubai and Xinghe were startled by his action.

So was basically everyone else in the room.

The boy had in his one hand, his mother and in his another, his father… forming a picture-perfect family.

Xinghe's softer elegance complimented Mubai's rugged good looks and their son had the good qualities of both. The family of three looked so ideal together that one would be hard-pressed to find fault with the picture.

It was as if they were meant to be.

Like a puzzle, they fitted together perfectly, missing anyone would be akin to a rainbow missing a color…

The craziest thing was even Tianxin herself was impressed by how suited they were for one another…

The thought was shoving her towards a mental breakdown.
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