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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 653: Waited For So Long

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Chapter 653: Waited For So Long
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"That's right, Xia Xinghe, you've been unwilling to reveal the information about the material so there must be something fishy about you!" Shen Ru interrogated her, "You plan to hurt the president and betray the country, isn't it? You traitor!"

Xinghe could only laugh facing their various accusations. Her dark, cold eyes stared them down and said, "That's right, our Xi family purposely didn't want to announce the research progress, but not because we have malicious intention, it was to guard against you people that have vicious goals!"

Elder Lin was shocked before he narrowed his eyes dangerously. "What do you mean by that?"

"Xia Xinghe, what are you blabbering about? If you don't make yourself clear, we are going to see you in court for slandering our name!" Now that Tong Yan was the Lin family's daughter-in-law, her 'our' no longer referred to the Tong family or the Shen family but the Lin family. She wanted Xinghe to know that she, Tong Yan, was now on the Lin family's side. If she was there, she wouldn't give Xinghe any chance to bully the Lin family!

Xinghe shook her head witnessing her idiotic performance. She said with derision, "Heiress Tong, I think you will soon see that you are not as important as you think."

"What are you talking about? What do you mean by that?" Tong Yan demanded. The Lin family's, including Shen Ru's, faces darkened. What Xinghe said made their heart shake from unease…

"What do I mean? Ask Elder Lin's only daughter, Lin family's fourth daughter and you'll understand." Xinghe scanned the rest of them and asked with a raised eyebrow, "By the way, where is the fourth miss, why isn't she here?"

A flash of deep anxiety flashed across Elder Lin's eyes. He calmed himself down and demanded, "What does have to do with you which of the Lin family's members came? Madam, why did you summon us here? Don't tell me it's to make us listen to this woman's mad ravings!"

"That's right, Daughter, why did you call us?" Elder Shen was equally confused, so was the rest of the room. However, they felt the purpose might have nothing to do the president but plenty to do with the Lin family…

Madam President plopped down in a chair and sighed. "The reason I summoned all of you is because I have something to announce. Xinghe will give you the details so everyone please sit and listen quietly."

The anxiety in the room heightened. They sat down with serious expressions, only the Xi family was as cool as ever.

Xinghe stood motionless. Madam President shared a signal with her and said, "Go ahead, I trust in you."

Xinghe nodded. She knew that Madam President at that moment must be incredibly tired, she couldn't bring herself to tell the truth.

However, Xinghe was more than willing to take up the responsibility to expose the Lin family in front of everyone!

This was the revenge she had been waiting for so long. Ever since Mubai's accident, she had been planning and waiting for this moment. It had finally arrived.

The Xi family had long anticipated this as well. For this moment, they had sacrificed so much and waited so long.

Thankfully, today, everything was coming to an end!

With a measure of finality, Xinghe looked at the Lin family with a pair of eyes that were chilled to the core with hatred. She made sure everyone there saw it. A giant feeling of unease cropped up in everyone's heart, especially the Lin family's. They wanted to escape for some reason.

The royal troublemaker, Tong Yan, who was the youngest there, yelled out impatiently, "Xia Xinghe, what is it that you want to announce? Get to the point quickly!"
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