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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 66: Breathtaking

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Chapter 66: Breathtaking

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He wanted to spare her the nasty surprise.

But he was too late, Xinghe had already reached the ballroom's entrance. More than a few people had seen her.

Right then, an idea came into Xi Lin's mind. He rushed forward to grab at Xinghe's palm.

A surprised Xinghe looked down from the sudden touch, and a pair of similarly-shaped eyes met!

This was to be their first meeting after the separation three years ago.

It was also in Xi Lin's memory, the first time he had seen his mom.

The first time he and Xia Xinghe met after he was all grown up…

However, the mother-and-son bond is something so innate that Xinghe was able to recognize him with just one look.

She stared at her son who was holding her hand with absolute wonder and tears started glistening around her eyes.

Her calm composure was shaken.

She didn't and couldn't expect this would be how it went down. A boy would rush to take her hand and it would happen to be Lin Lin.

Her precious son, Lin Lin!

"Master Xi, we still can't locate the young master!" The bodyguard approached Mubai and whispered. They had searched the whole hotel but Xi Lin was still nowhere to be found.

Mubai's sharp eyebrows creased deeply, his voice became threateningly deep as he said, "Go pull the security footage, find him no matter what!"

"Yes…" The bodyguard moved to oblige.

Old Mrs. Xi was ripe with worry. "Where did Lin Lin go off to? Could something bad have happened to him?"

"Auntie, don't worry, I'm sure Lin Lin will be fine. He just wandered off somewhere, acting playful but I'm sure he'll reappear soon enough," Tianxin consoled her kindly but she made sure her words were inflammatory.

Everyone was worried sick about Xi Lin.

If all this commotion was purely because he was feeling playful, then the admonishment waiting for him would be extremely severe.

Pulled along by her words, Old Mrs. Xi flared up instantly, "If this is his idea of mischief then he needs to be taught a serious lesson after he's found!"

"Let's just find him first," the equally worried Old Mr. Xi offered diplomatically.

The most worried was, of course, Mubai.

Lin Lin was his only son, he would not allow anything bad to happen to him!

Apprehension mounted in his heart. When he got up to go searching for Lin Lin again, he heard the bodyguard's excited shout.

"Found him! We found the young master!"

Mubai quickly turned his head towards the direction of the voice. To his surprise, not only Lin Lin, but also Xia Xinghe came into his sight!

A completely different Xia Xinghe in a gorgeous maroon gown.

A Xia Xinghe who captured everyone's gaze and held them firmly…

Everyone's eyes spoke of amazement and bewilderment.

As if they were hypnotized by her supernatural beauty and grace.

They were also subdued by her impressive aura. Every single one of her movement spoke of the fact that the queen had arrived.

Xinghe ignored the multitude of eyes staring at her like water off a duck's back.

She treated the people there like they were inanimate objects.

While she was blinding or even offensively dazzling in theirs.

The one person that almost went blind from this was Chu Tianxin.

She was dumbfounded and stared at Xia Xinghe unblinkingly, she thought she was hallucinating.

That is Xia Xinghe? Something must be wrong with my eyes…

It couldn't be. That couldn't possibly be the Xia Xinghe that is old and ugly.

I must be mistaken, that cannot be Xia Xinghe!
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