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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 648: Elder Lin's Daughter

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Chapter 648: Elder Lin's Daughter
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Xinghe and Mubai decided in unison, Lin Qin was the opening they needed. However, just as they turned to leave, they met the eyes of a woman who stood not far away behind them. She stared at them curiously. She seemed to have heard the whole conversation.

Mubai and Xinghe widened their eyes in shock.

"Who are you?" Xinghe asked, "What is your relationship to the Lin family?"

The fragile looking woman in luxurious garb chuckled eerily to herself and didn't answer.

Mubai narrowed his eyes and tested, "You're Elder Lin's daughter, right?"

"It's rare for someone to recognize me." The woman offered with a weird smile before turning to walk away.

"Wait," Xinghe called out to stop her but the woman seemed to have not heard her and walked further away. Xinghe ordered Ali, "Stop her."

"Okay!" Just as Ali moved forward, Lin Xuan appeared around the corner with a few guards behind him. "What are you people doing here?"

His sudden arrival ruined everything. Ali stopped and went back to stand behind Xinghe.

Lin Xuan regarded them coldly and demanded, "Xi Mubai, why aren't you people out there in the hall enjoying the party but hiding out in my back garden?"

Mubai glared back at him and chuckled. "Why, is there something not suitable for public eye in your back garden? Why the need to be so cautious around us."

"There is no such thing in my house, but this is the Lin family's private space and we do not welcome the likes of you," Lin Xuan said rudely. "So do return to the hall and stop wandering around someone else's house."

"That's fine, since the Lin family doesn't seem to welcome us here then there's no reason for us to stay. Let us go," Xinghe said. They immediately made themselves scarce because they had something important to check out.

Studying their retreating backs, Lin Xuan narrowed his eyes suspiciously and whispered to his guard, "Go investigate what have they done in the back garden and who have they met."

"Yes, sir!" The guard nodded. However, the investigation came up with nothing. Xinghe and Mubai didn't seem to have done anything or met anyone, but for some reason, Lin Xuan felt something was wrong. However, he just couldn't pinpoint what.

Xinghe and Mubai climbed into the car after they stepped out of the Lin family's door.

Mubai immediately tossed Xinghe a laptop. "Here."

"Thank you!" Xinghe said as she started working on the laptop.

Ali, who sat in the front, noticed the nervousness in the air and asked curiously, "What's going on? Did something important happen? How come I didn't notice anything?"

Xinghe answered without taking her eyes off the screen, "Something did happen, but we need more information."

"On what?"

"That woman just now." This time it was Mubai who answered her.

Ali was still lost. "What about that woman? She did act a bit weirdly but there's nothing objectively wrong with her."

But, oh yes, there was something incredibly wrong with her. Xinghe was too busy to explain everything to Ali because she needed to find out everything about this woman as soon as possible.
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