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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 643: Lost to his Grandchild

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Chapter 643: Lost to his Grandchild
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Elder Shen was ashamed facing Elder Xi's interrogation. He sighed and said, "Elder Xi, to be honest, we really don't want this to happen, but the Lin family did save my daughter so how can I continue suppressing them?"

"So, you're so appreciative of their help that you couldn't wait to be in-laws with them‽" Elder Xi questioned angrily.

Anger also showed on Elder Shen's face when they talked about that. "It is really not my intention that we become in-laws!"

"Tong Yan and Lin Xuan are getting married. Do you still want to lie to my face?"

"That is something that I can't help with." Elder Shen sighed helplessly. "Everyone knows that granddaughter of mine fancies that kid from the Lin family. Having her all cooped up recently probably had caused some resentment within her. She found a chance to slip out of the house and the first thing she did was to go find that Lin family kid, one thing led to another and… They ended up together! My Little Yan later told me she's already his woman and would marry no one other than him, so what other choice did I have? Furthermore, Xiao Ru agreed to this marriage, so how can I deny them anymore? Even the Tong family had no choice but to relent so what could I do?"

"You mean, the two of them…" Elder Xi frowned.

Elder Shen nodded as all the light of hope went out of his eyes. "That's right. If this didn't happen, I would do everything in my power to crush that despicable Lin family! How dare they scheme against us, scheme against the Shen family's only bloodline‽"

However, what choice did he have?

The Lin family acted so despicably against Tong Yan but the girl was stupid and willing enough to be used by Lin Xuan, so no matter how influential they were, they were powerless since Tong Yan had already given herself to Lin Xuan.

All the elders' hands were tied when it come to this girl, so they had no choice but to accept this engagement.

Agreeing to it would ruin her but refusing it would ruin her even more. Thankfully, due to Tong Yan's unique identity, she wouldn't be bullied too much even if she married into the heartless Lin family.

Alas, they had to give up their precious treasure just like that, they were really unwilling!

"Elder Xi, my Shen family's only heiress is Tong Yan. I know I've done wrong by you and the entire Xi family but I'm defenseless before the pair of mother and daughter." Elder Shen sighed with obvious pain, it seemed like he had grown old before Elder Xi's eyes.

Elder Shen had worked so hard his entire life, made a name for himself and earned the country's respect, however in the end, he lost to his granddaughter.

He didn't have a son and both daughters weren't exactly blessed with children. He only had one granddaughter, but he was already satisfied.

Alas, Tong Yan kept making regrettable mistakes and now had ruined everything he'd spent his whole life building.

So what if he had tons of money and immense influence?

All of that would have to be left to his future progeny, and in this respect, Elder Shen had gotten the worst hand possible.

Discussing this only made Elder Shen envious of Elder Xi.

"In the end, you're the final winner. Even though you chose to bow out from the race so many years ago, your both grandsons are stand-up young men. With them carrying on your legacy, what is there for you to worry about anymore? But me, so what if I've spent my whole life in luxury and extravagance? The glory of the Shen family will perish with my eventual passing. Honestly, how can I trust Tong Yan? That the girl can find her own happiness in life is already something I need to thank the heavens for…"

Elder Xi couldn't help but feel sorry for Elder Shen looking at him in his current condition.

Having a granddaughter like Tong Yan truly was equal to several generations of bad luck.
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