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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 641: The Engagement

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Chapter 641: The Engagement
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"What if there's no opportunity? If the Lin family doesn't do anything, then we won't be able to do anything either, right?" Ali asked worriedly.

Xinghe shook her head. "No, they will definitely not sit idle."

Cairn got the gist and guessed, "It took great lengths for the Lin family to reach their current status, so they will not give up everything they've worked for so easily…"

"That's right." Xinghe nodded. "They have sacrificed too much to give up so easily. They will not give up until the very last moment."

"What else do they need to do? With no one breathing down their necks, even if they do nothing, they should be able to rise up again," Sam said with a frown.

Xinghe smiled thinly. "Impossible. At most this time the Lin family only managed to save their own hide. The Shen family only stopped pressuring them, there's still efforts to be done before they revert to their earlier relationship. Furthermore, the president has started to get guarded around them. The Lin family will need to do more before they can recover fully."

"That's right!" Mubai's lips curved into a smile. "So this is just the beginning, and they will definitely continue on with this momentum."

"Therefore, all we have to do is to bide our time. Even if there is no opportunity, we will have to create one!" A cold determination flickered behind Xinghe's gaze. This time they would crush the Lin family. This was their perfect chance, missing it would change everything.

After the Lin family fell, the whole power structure in City A would be changed. Therefore, this war would be the real deciding war. Both Xinghe's party and the Lin family understood this. They were perfectly familiar with the things that hung in balance!

From that moment on, none of them dared to slip up. They paid full attention to their every move, afraid of accidents.

However, as cautious of Lin family were, they had to do something. They had to recover their earlier standing before the upcoming election. They had to mend the relationship with the other powerful families.

As Xinghe and Mubai expected, a big piece of news came out from the Lin family!

Lin family's third young master and Tong family's young mistress were getting engaged!

Those that were on the outside didn't think much about this pairing. After all, it was public knowledge that Tong Yan was in love with Lin Xuan, so they assumed he finally accepted her pursuit.

However, for Xinghe and the rest, this development was too suspicious. Tong Yan was just taken advantage of by Lin Xuan, and even if Lin Xuan did save Shen Ru, there was no reason for them to hand Tong Yan over to the Lin family. Furthermore, the timing of these events did raise a few eyebrows.

For Lin Xuan to get engaged to Tong Yan at the time like this, there had to be some bigger plan at play!

Xinghe couldn't understand why the Tong family would agree to this engagement.

The Tong family was essentially helping the Lin family get to the top. Why would they do that after they had already realized the Lin family's wicked ambitions?

Even Mubai and Elder Xi couldn't get it.

Elder Xi commented with a serious expression, "There must be something going on!"

"There is something wrong with the Tong family as well," Mubai suggested even though his tone was certain.

Xinghe nodded. "Indeed, the Tong family appears to be acting against their own interests, and I believe the key to understanding all of this lies with Shen Ru."

Elder Xi and Mubai turned to look at her, waiting to hear her analysis.
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