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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 623: Elder Xi Is Coming to City A

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Chapter 623: Elder Xi Is Coming to City A
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Shen Ru immediately felt wronged. "But Sis, Little Yan didn't really do anything. She only gave that woman a lesson because the woman has an annoying presence, how can you blame that on Little Yan? Is it really necessary for them to clutch onto this small offense so hard? It's obvious that they are belittling our Tong family and Shen family."

Madam President frowned. "Even at a time like this, you still refuse to see the child's mistake. It is because of your overprotectiveness that Little Yan ended up in this state. If she didn't give up Xinghe's location, do you know what would have happened?"

Xinghe would have starved to death locked in the basement and this was premeditated murder since the basement was sealed to prevent others from finding her body. This couldn't be overlooked simply because, thankfully, Xinghe was saved in the end.

Shen Ru knew her sister had always had a soft heart, so she started weeping. "Sis, I know that Little Yan has crossed the line this time and she really has learnt her lesson. She didn't get a moment of sleep last night and walked about without a hint of a smile this whole morning. She really knows her mistake, and that's why I feel like she should forgive her. Furthermore, she is still young, we shouldn't ruin her whole life simply because of a small mistake…"

As she expected, Madam President softened her attitude. "If she really repents on her mistake then that's great. However, I cannot do anything if the Xi family want to press charges. It is really not my place to ask them to rescind… Fine, I'll help you contact them, but I will stay out of the negotiations. Whether they're willing to forgive Little Yan, it all depends on Little Yan's attitude."

Shen Ru smiled immediately. "Thank you, Sis. Let's go find them now. If you're not on our side, I worry about what will happen to Little Yan."

Madam President looked at her sister and felt a headache coming. Even though they say the sin of the prince and a commoner is equal, when the prince's sin is found out, it will still put the emperor in a tough spot.

Therefore, Madam President could only form the bridge, but how things go in the future, she was not going to get herself involved.

Madam President called Mubai. Her tone was soft and words not confrontational but artful. "I hear Xinghe is still recovering and the Tong family is really feeling sorry about that. This time it was indeed Tong Yan's mistake, so no matter what she should apologize personally to Xinghe. The Tong family would like to pay her a visit as well, so I wonder, when will the both of you be free?"

Of course, Mubai gave her face. "Since the Tong family has the intention to apologize, then we shall welcome it. However, both of us are still recovering, so if it's possible, can they come tomorrow since my grandfather will be in town then as well."

"Elder Xi will be there as well? Perfect. I will tell them to visit tomorrow."


Madam President continued the conversation for a while longer before hanging up.

"Sis, how did it go?" Shen Ru beside her asked anxiously.

Madam President explained slowly, "Tomorrow, Elder Xi will be coming to City A and you can all see them then. However, the key to the meeting is to placate Elder Xi, if you have his word that he will not pursue this any further then the Xi family will follow his order."

Shen Ru nodded understandingly, and a smug smile blossomed on her face. "Then I know what to do. I believe the Xi family will finally choose to put this to rest."

This was because she decided to involve her own father and grandfather. Facing both Elder Tong and Elder Shen, how could the Xi family not bend to their wishes?
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