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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 63: Xi Lin's Disappearance

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Chapter 63: Xi Lin's Disappearance

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"You're my daughter-in-law of choice, if I'm not good to you, who should I be good to? The earlier mistake? Speaking of which, where is Xinghe, has she arrived?" Old Mrs. Xi's face dropped once she mentioned her former daughter-in-law.

"Looks like she hasn't yet…"

"Better if she doesn't come, save me a heartburn…" Old Mrs. Xi chatted for a few more minutes with Tianxin before excusing herself.

Swirling the wineglass in her hand, Tianxin's mouth turned up smugly.

She was very happy knowing so many people hated Xinghe.

But that was still not enough.

If she didn't completely humiliate Xinghe and ruthlessly grind her into the ground, her anger and grief accumulated from the past few years wouldn't dissipate!

So, Xia Xinghe, don't blame me, it's your own fault for stealing the man that belongs to me!

Tianxin gritted her teeth in anger and envy thinking about the fact that Mubai and Xinghe had once been a legally married couple.

She slammed her wineglass down on the table hard and turned to leave but bumped into Lin Lin who was running her way.

The boy faltered backwards for a few steps before falling on his bum.

Tianxin was flabbergasted when she saw who it was. "Lin Lin, are you alright?" she asked in a hurry.

She bent down quickly wanting to give him a hand but he brushed her hand away crossly. "Don't touch me!"

Xi Lin got up on his own and stared at her angrily.

Tianxin's guard instantly went up and she asked with fake concern, "Lin Lin, did you get hurt?"

"I will not let you win," Xi Lin said before running swiftly away.

Tianxin's forehead creased into a frown, what did he mean by that?

"Ms. Chu, have you seen the young master?" Suddenly, a bodyguard approached her and asked.

The gears in her head started moving, she didn't answer but ask her own question in return, "What happened?"

"The young master suddenly disappeared, no one has any idea where he has gone off to."

"I think I saw him went that way." Tianxin purposely pointed down the corridor opposite from the direction Xi Lin rushed off to. The bodyguard thanked her and left.

Tianxin snickered soundlessly.

Even though she had no idea what Xi Lin was up to but she was more than willing to encourage his silly tantrums.

The more wrong he did, the easier it would be for her in the future.

And this would just be the beginning…

After taking down his c*nt of a mother, her next target would be her bastard son after all. Like how she had turned the world against Xinghe, she would do the same against Xi Lin!

She would make sure the boy suffered helplessly in her clutches, That will be easy since the mongrel is as dumb as his mother.

Tianxin left the scene with a victorious air because everything was slowly falling into place according to her plan.

"Have you found the young master?" Xi Lin's sudden disappearance worried Mubai.

The party was going to start and as the birthday boy, he needed to be the first to cut the cake.

Of course, Xi Lin picked this important moment to play his disappearing act.

The bodyguard shook his head, "I'm sorry, the team has searched everywhere but we couldn't find the young master…"

"What's with Lin Lin today, suddenly so naughty?" Old Mrs. Xi grumbled a bit discontentedly but underneath it one could hear her love for her precious grandson, "Go and continue the search lest he gets into any trouble."

"Yes!" The few bodyguards quickly dispersed. Old Mr. Xi though felt they were making a mountain out of a molehill.

"Lin Lin probably lost the track of time playing with his friends. He's a bright kid, he'll be fine. Let's not get worked up over nothing."

Old Mrs. Xi turned on him angrily, "But I've specifically told him to not wander around aimlessly today."

"What can I say, boys will be boys…"
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