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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 617: Shoot Their Own Feet

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Chapter 617: Shoot Their Own Feet
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Noticing Madam President's silence, Xinghe added, "Perhaps someone whispered something in her ears to make her misunderstand me and increase her hatred towards me. However, I do wonder who would hate me so much to purposely influence Miss Tong and pit her against me."

Madam President's face was immediately drawn. "You're right. There must be something suspicious going on. Don't worry, we will get to the bottom of this."

"Thank you, madam. We all hope to discover who the people pulling the strings behind the scenes are."

"Definitely!" Madam President promised. This party dared to make use of Tong Yan like that, so they had to hunt said party down. They had even influenced Tong Yan to do something as illegal as murder, so these people must be uncovered and punished.

After confirming that Xinghe was safe, Madam President returned to the president's house.

Watching her departing vehicle, Xinghe told Mubai, "The Lin family thought they could use Tong Yan to kill me and they would be safe from implication. This time, they will know what the meaning of shooting themselves in the foot is."

"You should leave the Lin family to me in the future; you don't need to toil so much." Mubai looked at her with love and concern. To help him with his revenge and to aid the Xi family, she almost lost her life. Mubai felt an immense guilt press down on him. He felt so useless, if he had woken up earlier, she wouldn't have gone through so much hardship.

Xinghe understood his meaning.

She shook her head and said firmly, "Please don't blame yourself, I volunteered to do all this. But you, you just woke up; you shouldn't be here."

"How can I be calm if I'm not here?"

"…" Xinghe understood what he meant; he was afraid something would happen to her just as she was afraid something would happen to him. His eagerness to come find her was similar to her eagerness to help him exact his revenge. They were peas in a pod, losing their rationality for each other's sake.

"Let's go home, I'm tired," Xinghe said suddenly.

Right then, she wished to escape from the schemes and revenge; she just wished to spend some quality time with him.

"Okay," Mubai replied with a wickedly handsome smile.

Mubai brought Xinghe to the house the Xi family owned at Hills Residence. The place was huge and was under constant care.

There was already a welcoming committee waiting when they arrived. There were Sam's group and Lu Qi.

Xinghe had already given them a call to report her safety on the way there, so they had congregated at the house to wait for her.

"Xinghe, are you okay?" Ali asked worriedly when she saw her.

Xinghe nodded. "I'm fine."

"Who dared to go after you?" Ali huffed angrily. "Tell us and we'll go take this person out!"

"Let's discuss it inside." Xinghe then turned to Lu Qi. "Lu Qi, please check Mubai's condition, he just woke up today."

Mubai said instantly, "I'm fine, the one that needs checking is you."

"No, you need medical attention more than me," Xinghe retorted.

Lu Qi smiled watching their banter. "I will check on both of you. But from how I see it, other than exhaustion, Xinghe looks perfectly fine, so I will check on Mubai first."

"Xinghe?" Mubai suddenly glared icily at him. "I had no clue you two had gotten so close that you've reached a first name basis already."

Lu Qi was taken aback by the sudden hostility. "That's to be expected since we spent this period of time working alongside each other."
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