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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 61: A Pit of Vipers

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Chapter 61: A Pit of Vipers

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But she hadn't had enough, she was waiting for Xinghe to arrive. The contrast would further enhance her superiority.

As she prepared to get someone to look for Xinghe's arrival, Wushuang, in a floor-length bodiced gown, sauntered over.

"Ms. Chu, congratulations," Wushuang offered genially as she raised her glass at Tianxin, "I've heard of your upcoming nuptial to Mr. Xi. It's our Lin Lin's greatest honor to have a woman of your caliber as his stepmother."

Tianxin recognized Wushuang, she knew this was Xinghe's sister. But she also knew, Wushuang and Xinghe were like water and oil.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

She repaid Wushuang a well-meaning smile. "Oh, it's Chui Family's new lady of the house. I would like to congratulate you too, Ms. Xia, you've found a perfect match in Mr. Chui. You two make a gorgeous couple."

Wushuang laughed merrily, adding, "We pale considerably compared to Ms. Chu and Mr. Xi. Honestly, Ms. Chu, in my eyes, you and Mr. Xi are born for each other. I know it's inappropriate for me to say this but you're the most suitable fit for Mr. Xi."

Wushuang's effort to get on Tianxin's good side didn't go unnoticed.

Tianxin gave her a friendlier smile. "You flatter me, Ms. Xia. I'm afraid I won't be as good a mother to Xi Lin as your sister."

Wushuang replied as if on cue, "How can you think that? Xia Xinghe was never a part of Xi Lin's life, you are his actual mother for the past few years, who else can fit the role better than you? I'm sure Xi Lin already recognizes you as his mom in his heart."

Wushuang's words were music to Tianxin's ears. She felt incredibly appeased.

She asked as a test, "Ms. Xia, you really think so? You believe I would do a better job than your sister?"

"Of course! Ms. Chu, that sister of mine has nothing that can compete with you. Xinghe has no redeeming quality. Even her own sister can't stand the sight of her, that shows how much she has failed as a human being," Wushuang said sincerely. She even threw in a disappointed look when she mentioned Xinghe.

Any strangers who overheard their conversations would really think Xinghe was a useless person.

Or else, why would her own sister not only not defend her but castigate her?

Tianxin maintained a casual expression but internally, she was jubilant.

Even before she arrived, people had already confirmed Xinghe was not her competition.

The truth would be more obvious after Xinghe arrived. She would cherish the moment Xinghe gets laughed at.

Tianxin loved to surround herself with sensible and tactful people like Wushuang. She snaked her hand through Wushuang's as she said, "Wushuang, I didn't know you were such a righteous person. You would stand with a stranger and not your own sister when you see that she is in the wrong. I find that very admirable. If you don't mind, do you think we could be friends?"

Wushuang was over the moon. After Tianxin married Xi Mubai, there would be a lot of benefits waiting for Tianxin's friends.

Wushuang acted pleasantly surprised. "Ms. Chu, it's my honor to be your friend. You have no idea how glad I am right now, I've long since wanted to be your friend."

"You are Xi Lin's aunt, we should have been friends a long time ago," Tianxin said. She was more than willing to take Wushuang as her friend even though the other woman was a few stations lower than her in life. After all, it was not often she could find someone that hated Xinghe as much as she did.

Tianxin asked purposely, "By the way, where is your sister, why haven't I seen her?"

Wushuang was shocked. "Xia Xinghe is coming?"

Tianxin faked surprise, adding, "You didn't know? I had Mubai invite her since this is after all Xi Lin's birthday party. It's only fair that we invite her."
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