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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 591: So What?

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Chapter 591: So What?
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The good atmosphere in the room immediately froze. Led by Lin Qian's words, everyone turned to look at Xinghe who sat beside Lu Qi. Even though she was suddenly put under the spotlight, Xinghe maintained her calm countenance.

Lu Qi smiled politely. "Who spread the rumors that Miss Xia knows nothing? She is someone I've personally requested to assist me; she is instrumental to my research."

"Is that so? However, I still don't think she'll be of any use in aiding to cure the president," Lin Qian continued her verbal assault. It was clear to the people in the room that she was doing this on purpose. However due to her family background, no one dared to stand up for Xinghe, no one other than Lu Qi, who also came from a powerful family.

"That's Miss Lin's opinion and you're entitled it; we are not going to bend over backwards trying to justify ourselves to you."

"But we are all responsible for curing the president, so why can't Doctor Lu explain this to us? If you have a brilliant idea or plan, you should share it with us. Or is Doctor Lu afraid that we'll steal your spotlight?" Lin Qian openly criticized Lu Qi.

Lu Qi frowned slightly. The room was silent, and the atmosphere had become exceptionally awkward. However, it had to be said that Lin Qian did voice out the thought in everyone's mind.

Lu Qi was suddenly invited by Madam President, who had a large amount of faith in him. Furthermore, his plan was indeed kept a secret from everyone else. Now he'd even found himself a non-doctor woman to be his assistant. Actually, everyone was curious about what they were up to. In fact, they had the same thoughts as Lin Qian, that he was too selfish to share credit.

Swayed by Lin Qian, the group started to have less than favorable opinions about Lu Qi.

"Doctor Lu, why don't you share your ideas with us?" a senior doctor advised him, hinting at him that this was the only way to smooth over the awkward situation. In actuality, sharing his idea would not have been an issue if Lin Qian weren't there. He knew these doctors were not that uncouth to steal his credit and he didn't even mind sharing it with them.

He was guarding against the Lin family. If they knew he could cure the president, who knew what they would do…

Lu Qi offered a kind smile. "There really isn't any brilliant idea, it's just a vague framework that's still in the works. When there is a clearer picture, I will definitely share it with everyone."

Lin Qian was relentless. She smirked. "Since there is no plan and you have no idea what you're doing, why did you invite that woman? Or is this something personal? In that case, then I understand, but this is not a hotel, Doctor Lu, don't you think it's a bit inappropriate for you to do something like this?"

"Miss Lin, please be careful with your words!" Lu Qi's face immediately darkened. "We are all doctors here, a little bit of mutual respect should be in order."

Having been scolded, Lin Qian's face also darkened. "I'm just saying it as I see it. If I've misspoken, then show me the evidence that I'm wrong."

Lu Qi laughed mirthlessly. "Looks like Miss Lin harbors some serious grievance against me."

Lin Qian smiled slightly. "I wouldn't dare. It's just that curing the president is something serious, if it turns out that there is a Mr. Nan Gua 1 hiding among us, I don't think any of us will be able to bear the responsibility."

"I never said I know medicine," Xinghe suddenly said as she glared at Lin Qian. "I'm here with Madam President's permission, if you have any issue with that, you can take it up with her."
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