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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 60: Xi Lin's Birthday Party

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Chapter 60: Xi Lin's Birthday Party

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He wanted to keep the surprise for tomorrow.

Of course, unlike Tianxin, Mubai didn't invite Xinghe to see her humiliated.

When he ordered Chang An to send the invitation, he also requested him to bring her dress and jewelry shopping.

However, the result was as he expected. Xinghe rejected his kind offer.

Chang An reported, "Ms. Xia said she will be there and thanked CEO Xi for the dress and jewelry offer but she would be preparing her own."

Mubai found the woman to be a bit droll, where would she get the money to prepare her own?

However, knowing her stubbornness, he didn't push it on her.

Maybe she didn't mind what kind of appearance she would make at the party and since it didn't bother her, Mubai decided to let her be.

Mubai was not one to judge a book by its cover. It didn't matter to him what kind of dress and accessories Xinghe arrived in.

Of course, he believed Xinghe would treat the occasion seriously.

It was after all Lin Lin, her son's birthday celebration party.

After Mubai officially invited Xinghe, the news spread like wildfire.

It eventually reached Old Mr. and Mrs. Xi's ears.

Old Mrs. Xi was particularly severe with her reproach. Mubai explained patiently, "She did nothing wrong during our marriage and she is after all Lin Lin's mom."

"I know but what will Tianxin think if she sees her at the party?"

"This is Chu Tianxin's idea. She called me on her own initiative to ask me to invite Xinghe."

Old Mrs. Xi was taken aback.

But her thoughts quickly came around. Tianxin's magnanimity and altruism must have compelled her to invite Xinghe.

The girl has a heart of gold , Old Mrs. Xi concluded happily in her heart.

However, she was still afraid the unpresentable Xinghe would disgrace the Xi Family name.

But then, she was no longer a part of the Xi Family, she would only bring utter disgrace upon herself!

Almost everyone who heard the news thought the same way. Xinghe's experience at the party would be marred by ignominy.

Many of them were Tianxin's families and friends, they were giddy for the show tomorrow. Xinghe's ultimate humiliation would be good entertainment.

Needless to say, the most excited of all was Chu Tianxin.

The image in her mind where she, standing on her pedestal, looked down on Xinghe was about to come true. She would let Xinghe understand the meaning of shame.

Every time she thought about it, Tianxin couldn't help but laugh.

She thanked God for bringing Xinghe into her life. How mundane and mirthless her life would be without the clown, Xia Xinghe, to stomp on and make fun of? Every queen in her court needs her jester and she thanked her lucky stars she had found one.

Bearing Tianxin's full expectation, Xi Lin's birthday finally arrived.

It was held at City T's biggest hotel.

The whole hotel was booked for the occasion.

The party started at noon and lasted until midnight.

The ballroom decoration managed to achieve the equilibrium of luxury and innocence. This was because the guest list included both adults and children.

With the presence of children, the party was a lot merrier and more relaxed.

Donning her best dress, Tianxin socialized with the guests like she was the hostess.

Everyone present knew of her engagement to Xi Mubai so they fought to curry her favor.

Tianxin flourished under all the attention, even her footsteps carried wind. She assumed the role of the hostess naturally as if she had already married Mubai.

Scanning the ballroom, she was indeed the one who shone the brightest.

Tianxin's smile was like a diamond, dazzling to the eyes…
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