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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 587: I'll Marry You

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Chapter 587: I'll Marry You
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"I've thought about all that, but we cannot let Lu Qi shoulder all of our responsibility. Risk is, by definition, something that involves exposure to danger. I cannot lose this good opportunity simply because of risk, plus it goes both ways, I can make use of this chance to get close to the Lin family, to feel them out."

Indeed, this was a perfect chance to get close to the Lin family. Xinghe could get close to the Lin family with a valid reason or else they would have to wait for the Lin family to strike, and that would not be a good idea. Therefore, they had to initiate the first strike to prevent accidents in the future.

"Okay, you go ahead but please be careful," Grandfather Xi advised her. Xinghe nodded. "I will."

Just like that, it was decided that Xinghe still had to go to City A. Lu Qi quickly got his reply, the Madam President agreed for Xinghe to come and assist him.

Before Xinghe left, she fulfilled her promise to Lin Lin and brought him to see Mubai. Mubai was recovering, he had past the critical period, and he would wake up soon enough.

"Mommy, when you will come back?" Lin Lin raised his head to ask her.

Xinghe tousled his hair and replied, "It won't be too long; I'll be back before you know it."

"Will you come back when Daddy wakes up?"

"It should be around the same time, yes."

Lin Lin's face split into a broad smile. "When you come back, Daddy and I will marry you together, okay?"

"What?" Xinghe was shocked.

The little fella said seriously, "I want to marry you together with daddy."

"Together?" Xinghe didn't know whether to laugh or cry, did he know what he was talking about?

Lin Lin nodded. "Yes, we'll be married together. Actually, if Daddy doesn't wake up then I will marry you myself."

"…" Xinghe couldn't help but wonder what Mubai's reaction would be. However, Xinghe knew this was because Lin Lin didn't want to be away from her. He was too young to understand what marriage meant; he probably thought they would become family, which was technically true.

Xinghe consoled him, "Don't worry, your daddy will definitely wake up and Mommy will stay by your side forever."

"How about Daddy? Will you stay by his side forever?"

Xinghe looked at Mubai's unconscious face and replied, "I will."

She didn't realize that, when she said that, Mubai's pinkie finger twitched ever so slightly.

Xinghe left for City A on a private plane. She didn't bring anyone along with her because her destination was somewhere unusual. It was not some place anyone could enter. The plane flew for an hour before landing safety at City A's airport.

When she descended, Xinghe saw the bodyguards that were waiting for her. These men were arranged by Madam President.

"Miss Xia, please get in." The bodyguards helped her with the car door. They were courteous towards her. Xinghe didn't say anything and crawled into the car.

They soon arrived at the president's house. Before entering, Xinghe was given an in-depth security briefing and checking. She also had to sign many confidentiality agreements before she was given entry.

This was the first time Xinghe had been to the president's house; the size of the place surprised her. She hadn't expected it to be so big. Turned out the president's house wasn't just a house but a wide-ranging area.
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