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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 581: Strongest Heart in the World

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Chapter 581: Strongest Heart in the World
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"But if I don't go, all of us will be in danger."


She was right; the moment Lin Kang was elected, none of them would escape unscathed, including Xinghe.

"Still, we can't let you go." Grandfather Xi denied her request. "Even though you can definitely hold your own, the country's not that liberal to allow a woman to meddle in the election, so what can you do even if you go?"

Xinghe nodded. "I know, but I have to give it a try no matter what. What if I manage to find an opening to fight back?"

"If that was so easy, we would have found such an opening a long time ago."

"Maybe that's because we haven't looked hard enough. The Lin family is basically a crime cartel with the amount of illegal activities they're involved in; there must be some clues lying about that we haven't seen yet. Grandfather Xi, I don't like hidden threats; since we know the basics of everything that has been going on, I cannot sit idle like sitting duck and leave our fate to god."

Xinghe's clear pair of eyes were shining brilliantly and there was no trace of fear in her voice.

Grandfather Xi sighed. "Actually, the reason I called you here was to get you to prepare for possible danger in the future. I know you're clever enough to take the necessary precaution, but I didn't expect you to want to face the danger actively."

"Since the danger cannot be avoided, then it will have to be resolved," Xinghe answered calmly.

"I know you have the bravery to back up your words, but what will we do if something happens to you?"

"That's right, Big Sister Xia, you have to stay out of this one. We'll handle this ourselves."

Munan and the rest all advised her, but she still shook her head. "If you can resolve this issue, I'll gladly stay out of it, but in this situation, all of your hands are tied."

The Xis' faces were solemn. Indeed, at a sensitive time like this, they had to be careful to not commit to anything that might be used against them by their enemies.

Furthermore, this was a country's election, how could Xinghe influence something as momentous as that? She couldn't, but at least she could go and try her luck due to her identity or rather the lack thereof.

"Then, the decision has been made. The research on the mechanical heart is finishing and I'll leave after Mubai has completed his surgery," Xinghe concluded in a voice that brooked no argument. The Xi family looked at her with complicated emotions.

It never once crossed their mind that this woman that they had once looked down upon would be their only hope. In fact, she had saved them again and again despite how they treated her in the past…

Shame burned their faces thinking about their past sins. At the same time, even though Xinghe hadn't remarried Mubai, her position in the Xi family was no longer moveable. She had become a member by extension.

Xinghe quickly finished building the mechanical heart. This news was accepted with mixed feelings by the Xi family. On the one hand, Mubai was going to recover, but on the other, Xinghe was going to enter the tiger's lair on their behalf.

Lu Qi had been preparing for the surgery.

Perhaps it was due to Xinghe's constant accompaniment, Mubai's body had recovered to the degree where Lu Qi could risk operating on him.

Mubai's heart was damaged greatly during the explosion, but soon, the mechanical heart would help take over his heart's normal function. The moment his heart started working again, his body would slowly recover, since the only reason his recovery had been so slow was because of his weakened heart.

However, he would soon be installed with the strongest heart in the world.
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