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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 566: Main Diamond Agent

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Chapter 566: Main Diamond Agent
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The sudden assault of the document darkened Lin Jing's face even more. She didn't even look at the document that landed at her feet.

"Xia Xinghe, how dare you‽" Lin Jing yelled angrily at Xinghe.

Xinghe smiled. "How come you know me now?"

That's right, didn't Lin Jing say she didn't know who the hostess is? How come her memory has suddenly returned now? Looks like she was purposely making things difficult for the hostess earlier.

The people's impression of Lin Jing lowered even more.

Lin Jing's face twitched angrily. When she was about to say something, Xinghe cut her off, "I advise you to take a closer look at the document or you might regret it."

"CEO Lin…" One of her lackeys picked up the document and was shocked when he scanned through the document. "Quick, you have to look at this!"

Lin Jing didn't want to but subconsciously took a look at it, and when she did, her face froze. She grabbed the document and stared at the pages with disbelief!

"This is impossible—" Lin Jing croaked with difficulty.

"What is it?"

Everyone else crowded closer to Lin Jing to take a closer look.

"Zhi, give everyone a copy each," Xinghe ordered gracefully. Xia Zhi, who had been waiting excitedly behind the stage, moved to oblige. Cries of astonishment rose through the hall.

"Country Y's new appointed agent‽ Xi Empire became the new agent for diamonds imported from Country Y?"

"When did this happen? How come none of us knew about this?"

Everyone was shocked; how come they didn't hear anything about news this big? The earlier agent was someone else, when did it become Xi Empire?

This was the thing that gave Lin Jing the most shock. She studied the document closely trying to determine its authenticity. No matter how hard she looked at it, the document seemed real. Xi Empire had become the new diamond agent, that much was real.

In other words, Bao Hwa needed to beg Xi Empire for their diamonds in the future or they would have nothing to work with!

If they wanted to sell diamond jewelry in the future, they needed to ask Xi Empire for the raw materials.

Country Y was famous for their diamonds, most of the diamonds in Hwa Xia came from them. Therefore, the fact that Xi Empire had become their diamond agent greatly elevated its status.

Therein lay the problem. If Xi Empire became the agent, didn't this mean Bao Hwa would have to ingratiate themselves to Xi Empire to continue operating?

Xinghe's clear voice rang out again, "As everyone can see, our Xi Empire has become the main agent for the diamonds imported from Country Y. In other words, there will be constant cooperation between all of us in the future. Hosting this showcase is also to announce this good news, to get to know each other, and to facilitate a good future working relationship."

"Miss Xia, is it? When did this happened?" someone asked in shock.

Xinghe answered softly, "Not long, just half a month ago."

It was about a month ago that Xi Empire announce they were going to host a jewelry showcase. This probably meant that they already knew that they would become the main agent.

A month ago, Xi Empire and Bao Hwa were at the height of their competition.

At the time, Bao Hwa was the apparent victor, and everyone thought Xi Empire was on its decline and believed that Bao Hwa was really going to swallow Xi Empire.

Who knew by then Xi Empire had already been preparing to become the new diamond import agent…

They must have laughed at Bao Hwa's conceit thinking they had beaten Xi Empire. They must have been waiting anxiously for this face-slap moment.
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