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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 565: You Want Shock?

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Chapter 565: You Want Shock?
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They didn't realize Lin Jing's anger went beyond that. If Xi Empire's jewelry showcase was an overnight success, then what would happen to her plan to swallow Xi Empire‽

What about all the effort that she had gone through earlier?

The frustration irked her to no end. How could she, Lin Jing, who had nothing but success in her life lose to a woman like Xinghe‽

Lin Jing clenched her fists and chuckled darkly. "That's right, I do have something to say."

What? She really wants to give comments?

Xinghe smiled. "Do share your opinions with us then; we would like to improve."

"Isn't this supposed to be a peerless showcase?" Lin Jing sneered defiantly. "It doesn't shock me! Without that shock value, this cannot be called a peerless showcase!"

The crowd looked at her with shock. This woman is truly despicable. Since when did she become the arbiter of word meanings? One needs her permission to call the showcase a peerless one? She is obviously coming after Xi Empire; she will do anything in her power to prevent others from calling this a success.

They didn't think Lin Jing would be so ridiculous, unreasonable, and petty. Their gaze towards her changed. Earlier, they had intention to cozy up with her, but was it really worth it pandering to such a despicable woman?

A heartless person like her would probably treated them like dispensable.

Lin Jing, of course, didn't deign to care about the public opinion of her. Her mission that day was to make sure Xi Empire's showcase was a failure and that was what she cared about. She had to get Xi Empire.

"A lousy pink diamond and you dare to call this showcase peerless? Don't make me laugh. I'll admit that this is an interesting showcase, but calling it peerless, I have plenty of issues with that. Unless you can really shock me and make this evening a night that I will never forget!"

"Miss Lin, your demand sure is… troublesome," Ou Yang Qin said cautiously but pointedly. She was purposely making things difficult.

"I think my demands are not over the line; they're totally reasonable," Lin Jing answered with a straight face.

"CEO Lin, I don't think anyone will be able to give you the shock value you want," someone retorted in a whisper.

Lin Jing said arrogantly, "There is no limit in the known universe. You might not be able to accomplish it, but how can you be sure no one would be able to do it? If Xi Empire is not able to do that then they shouldn't have exaggerated in the beginning. The exhibits here are indeed very good, but due to Xi Empire's exaggeration, this showcase is a lie and thus a complete failure! Therefore, Xi Empire is nothing but slime that had lied to every one of us!"

Everyone frowned. Lin Jing had gone so far past the line that the line was a dot to her. The facts of her words aside, her viciousness and unreasonableness had soured quite a few people's impression of her. Because of her, Bao Hwa's place in everyone's heart had dropped quite a bit.

Xinghe was taking her measures quietly. Facing Lin Jing's insults, she was completely unmoved. The grace and composure of the two women couldn't be compared.

However, they soon realized why Xinghe had been so quiet. She preferred to face slap than to chew words!

"Lin Jing, since you wanted a shock of your lifetime then I will grant your wish. I'll make sure that you'll remember this night for as long as you may live. Open your eyes and see what this is!"

Xinghe curled up the document in her hands and threw it at Lin Jing…
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