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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 560: The Second Hall

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Chapter 560: The Second Hall
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Ou Yang Qin turned to walk towards the second area. Before them, the door was slowly opened to reveal the second exhibition hall.

"CEO Lin, let's go look," someone entreated.

Lin Jing smiled slightly. "Yes, let's, just to see what special exhibition they have cooked up."

Lin Jing's heels clicked across the hall. Her team fell in behind her, it was as if they were there to survey the place. None of the jewelers dared to walk in front of her, afraid that it would slight her. Lin Jing walked right in front like a queen leading her court.

Very soon, they entered the second hall. The second exhibition hall was more luxurious than the first one. The jewelry on display had doubled; there were about fifty pieces. The light was bright to give focus to the jewelry. The stones glittered under the precisely-placed spotlights.

The scenery gave the impression that they were inside a treasure trove, it would impress anyone. This was because there was a great difference between the jewelry here and the ones earlier. The pieces in the second hall were more rare and valuable.

There were seven to eight pieces of royal jewelry and they were past queens' personal accessories, so they were definitely worth a lot.

Most of the jewelers dropped their decorum and started snapping pictures. The only exception was Lin Jing. She scanned the hall with scorn and derision.

"Mr. Ou Yang, are these your show stopping pieces?" Lin Jing tried her best to ask gracefully but the condescension and conceit laced in her tone couldn't be suppressed.

Ou Yang Qin maintained his gentlemanly ways and replied, "These are indeed some focus pieces. Why, does Miss Lin have some objections?"

Lin Jing didn't answer but one of her lackeys did, "Mr. Ou Yang, it's not that we like to object but… these are really not worth much. Didn't you say this is going to be a peerless showcase? We came with great excitement and you're showing us these?"

"That's right, the collection here is extremely normal," some other shareholder said pointedly.

"While valuable, they are definitely not peerless."

"I've been to Bao Hwa's jewelry showcase before, it's much bigger and better than this."

Lin Jing took her cue and smiled humbly. "That's just a simple routine showcase that we did; it's nothing interesting."

"Doesn't this mean this supposedly peerless showcase is worth less than Bao Hwa's regular showcase?" someone in the crowd sneered. Others started snickering as well.

Even though the Ou Yang family deserved to be respected, most of them would rather side with Lin Jing because she had the bigger company and was famed for her ruthlessness.

The Ou Yang family were a group of eccentric artists; it would be extremely hard to win their favor, so many had decided to give up on them.

The Xi family? If Xi Mubai were still around, then perhaps they would give him face. However, he was not, and Xi Empire was going to be swallowed by Bao Hwa, so Bao Hwa was going to be the ultimate winner. Who wouldn't want to side with the winner?

Facing their snide comments, Ou Yang Qin maintained his mild and gentlemanly behavior.
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