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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 559: Ou Yang Family

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Chapter 559: Ou Yang Family
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Also, when did Xi Empire start working with the Ou Yang family? No wonder they would be confident enough to say they would host a showcase without peers.

The Ou Yang family had more than a hundred years of history in the jewelry industry; they were famed for their classic designs and impeccable quality. They valued quality over quantity. For them, jewelry was an art and not just a business.

Therefore, even though they were extremely famous, their revenue was low. In Hwa Xia, if Bao Hwa's revenue was number one then they would be number two.

However, in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, Ou Yang Family was undeniably the king. Lin Jing had also been trying to swallow the Ou Yang family but had failed. Afterwards, she changed tact, asking for collaboration but was rejected as well.

Therefore, she was shocked that they chose to cooperate with Xi Empire!

If this was a joint showcase between Xi Empire and the Ou Yang family, then the showcase would definitely be more than what she had seen so far. Lin Jing's brow creased with annoyance, but she swiftly composed herself.

What Ou Yang Qin said next confirmed her suspicions. "I'm here naturally because this is a joint showcase between the Ou Yang and Xi families. We didn't release this information earlier because we want to give everyone a nice surprise," Ou Yang Qin said in a refined tone, showing his wealth of education.

Lin Jing's face darkened. This was definitely not a happy surprise!

If she had known the Ou Yang family was cooperating with the Xi family, she would have launched her attack sooner. She was there that day to see Xi Empire and the showcase fail. However, with the Ou Yang family's intervention, the showcase might be a runaway success and that would seriously disturb her plan to swallow Xi Empire.

Lin Jing smiled mirthlessly. "Mr. Ou Yang must be kidding. Xi Empire is like a baby in the jewelry industry, why would Ou Yang Family cooperate with them? Mr. Ou Yang, I have to say, this doesn't align with how a time-honored brand should act."

Ou Yang Qin asked directly, "In other words, Miss Lin thinks I'm lowering myself by cooperating with Xi Empire?"

Lin Jing's lips twitched awkwardly. Is he for real? How can he be so obtuse and direct?

However, Lin Jing salvaged the situation with a smile. "That's not what I meant, I just think it's unwise for you to cooperate with Xi Empire."

Ou Yang Qin nodded with a smile. "I understand what Miss Lin meant, but since Xi Empire will be branching into the jewelry industry, this cooperation is to prepare for the future."

"I'm shocked that the Ou Yang family would trust Xi Empire so much," Lin Jing said meaningfully. She was mocking them for choosing Xi Empire to cooperate with. Xi Empire might be good at online business, but for jewelry, Bao Hwa was still the best.

Ou Yang Qin played along and replied gentlemanly, "Miss Lin is right, Xi Empire does deserve our trust, perhaps after the showcase, you'll understand why."

"Is that so?" Lin Jing laughed haughtily, "But is this all of the exhibit?"

If it was then, her opinion was unchanged.

"Of course, not. The time is almost right, everyone, please follow me; we're going to the next exhibition hall."
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