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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 556: A Gift from the Heavens

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Chapter 556: A Gift from the Heavens
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Xi Empire's given up!

Lin Jing thought Xi Empire would be troubled by Bao Hwa's counter attack for a while, but who knew just two days after Bao Hwa raised the price, Xi Empire bowed out of the competition. In other words, they stopped purchasing Boa Hwa's stocks.

This shocked the public. They were waiting for Xi Empire to hike up the price, but they gave up on the purchasing war instead. What was happening, they couldn't keep up or they didn't care for the competition?

Human nature compelled the public to envision the worst. They assumed Xi Empire was really dying and their earlier show of power was only a bluff. They were scared when Bao Hwa became serious with them. So, Xi Empire was indeed on the decline…

This development surprised Lin Jing as well. She was glad because she knew for sure Xi Empire couldn't keep up the pressure anymore. They'd finally surrendered. This was such good news to Bao Hwa's shareholders. Lin Jing's risk paid off big time.

Lin Jing called an emergency meeting. "Continue spreading the rumors that Xi Empire is going bankrupt and we will immediately lower the price we set for purchasing Xi Empire's stocks. Xi Empire's shareholders will be scared by the bankruptcy rumors and will be eager to sell us their stocks no matter how little we offer."

The group of shareholders quickly went into motion. They were excited, anticipating the day when Xi Empire would be theirs. This was Xi Empire they were talking about! With it, they would have riches that lasted several lifetimes.

Bao Hwa's people felt like this was a gift dropped down from heavens and went about their business openly, but on the other hand, Xi Empire's people kept a low profile. They didn't comment on this.

Instead, they announced another thing; Xi Empire was going to hold a large international jewelry showcase. The showcase would happen in a month. Xi Empire didn't do any large-scale promotion other than promising that it would be a showcase without peers…

This gave the public impression that Xi Empire was bluffing. Xi Empire's main product had nothing to do with jewelry, so how could they pull off something like this? Furthermore, the showcase was going to be in a month, would they have time to prepare?

Lin Jing scoffed with derision when she saw this news. The whole room of shareholders were laughing their asses off.

"What is Xi Empire doing? Trying to steal our clients?" A shareholder laughed until he was in tears.

"A showcase without peers? They must be kidding!"

"Seriously though, have the board members of Xi Empire lost their minds? They think they can challenge us in our industry?"

"Without Xi Mubai, Xi Empire really is nothing."

The room was full of the shareholders' derision and bootlicking towards Lin Jing. They finally realized Lin Jing's decision was right. If she didn't make that gutsy move, they wouldn't have known that Xi Empire was such a paper tiger. Thankfully they agreed to her plan, or else they would have missed out on an indescribable wealth in the form of Xi Empire.

Lin Jing had trouble suppressing her smug smile. "Since Xi Empire dares to challenge us at our court then we shall wait and see what kind of tricks they can pull out of their sleeves."

"I have a feeling, Xi Empire will be ours in a few months," someone said excitedly. This cheered the room greatly.
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