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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 527: Dirt on Lin Yun

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Chapter 527: Dirt on Lin Yun
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"As long as you try your best then I'm sure you can at least suspend the execution of sentence by five years."

For several reasons, Xinghe felt there was a bigger reason behind this, however that had nothing to do with her anymore.

"You will also provide the evidence on the Lin family, right?" Xinghe checked. Her meaning was clear; she was willing to take him up on the deal.

Saohuang nodded with a smile. "Of course. I have the dirt on Lin Yun. If you promise me, I will cooperate in any way I can."

"Alright, I will try my best; that is the most I can promise."

Saohuang nodded vigorously. "That's more than enough."

Xinghe observed, "You are also one hard individual to gauge. I had a hand in sending you in here, but you choose to believe me while I fully expected you to hate me."

"Beggars can't be choosers. Since I've lost, why still hold on to hatred?" Saohuang admitted openly. "We might be from opposing camps, but if you can help me, I don't mind working with you."

"If you didn't pick the wrong path, I believe you would have ended up with a glorious future."

Saohuang laughed. "You're flattering me."

"I'm just telling you the truth. Now that I've accepted your condition, tell me everything you know."

And that was what he did.

"The thing I mentioned is a black metallic energy crystal; it can store an indescribably large amount of energy, but no one has seen one before. The only exception is the IV Syndicate's leader because he has one. That's all I know, you'd better not let slip that you also have the thing on you or that would be like asking for death."

The news that Xinghe went to Country Y was a secret to everyone outside of the Xi family. Of course, Philip wouldn't sell them out either. Therefore, Saohuang had no idea it was her who destroyed the IV Syndicate. She had even taken the energy crystal there.

"This information is pointless to me because I have no such thing," Xinghe lied easily. "That's all the information you can provide?"

Saohuang shrugged. "That's right, I didn't think it would be so useless to you."

Actually, it had some uses. At least she knew she needed to be more careful in the future.

"So, what is the dirt on Lin Yun?" Xinghe jumped to the next question.

It was almost an hour before Xinghe came out of the detention center. Mubai had been waiting for her outside the entrance the whole time.

"What did you two discuss?" he asked as Xinghe got near.

"Let's get in first, we have somewhere to go to."

"Okay." Mubai nodded and helped her with the door. After they got in, Xinghe gave the driver an address for a storage facility. The dirt that Saohuang spoke of could be found there. On the way there, Xinghe outlined her conversation with Saohuang to Mubai.

She apologized, "I took the initiative to take his deal. I will figure it all out so don't worry."

Mubai merely smiled. "It's not that big of a deal pardoning him from the death penalty, after all, he did cooperate in the end. Furthermore, you only promised that you would try your best, you didn't promise him that you can definitely get him away from the noose."

"But he has framed your family again and again, we cannot let him off so easily."

Mubai smiled thinly. "But, do you know? For people like him, death is not the best punishment. Living in humiliation will be his biggest torment."

Xinghe couldn't help but laugh, because that was her philosophy.
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