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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 509: The Boss

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Chapter 509: The Boss
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They seemed to have targeted the wrong person!

"This is not Xi Munan!" one of the assassins yelped in surprise.

"Have we been found out? Retreat now!" The few assassins quickly dispersed from the scene, but the surveillance suddenly came back online. The siren sounded immediately!

In the blink of an eye, all the guards came out. The assassins pulled out their guns in a panic and started firing.

The gunshot shattered the peaceful quiet of the night.

Munan was in his room when he heard the siren and gunshots. He looked out the window with a serious expression, but he had no clue what had happened. However, he soon found out.

Of the assassins, two were shot dead on the spot while the remaining were captured alive. After several interrogations, they revealed their plan to assassinate Xi Munan. However, they had no idea why they would end up with the wrong target. It was at this point that the police realized these were not professional assassins but glorified henchmen.

Their reason to target Munan was shocking as well. It was because Munan was their partner and knew about their existence. They were afraid that Munan would sell them out, so they decided to come for his life.

Alas, their plan failed horribly.

These people surrendered everything during the interrogation but there was one thing that they held back, the identity of their boss. They refused to tell who the person that ordered the hit on Munan was.

It seemed like they were afraid of this character, whoever it might be.

They said they had proof that Munan was their partner in the business of profiteering military munitions because they had really cooperated with the military before but had no clue who the insider was. But now they were certain it was Xi Munan.

When asked to present other evidence, they couldn't. However, they swore by their statement because their boss had confirmed the partner was Munan!

Of course, they had absolute faith in the validity of the news or else they wouldn't have taken the risk to assassinate him in the detention center. Plus, these people had blind loyalty in their boss, they had faith that their boss wouldn't lie to them.

Just like that, another charge fell on Munan's head. When he heard this, he was ready to curse the house down.

"You're going to believe crap like this?" Munan asked the police chief that visited him with a sarcastic smile, "Just because they said that I was their partner, it has to be so? In that case, could they have blamed anyone and that person would've been captured?"

The police chief asked seriously, "If it is not you, why did they risk coming here to assassinate you?"

"Because someone is trying to pin this sin on me!"

"Who is?"

"That I can't say, after all I have no proof, but he will be found out eventually," Munan said through gritted teeth. His hatred towards Saohuang doubled. It would probably be extinguished only after the man was removed from this Earth!

"Munan, I also believe that you're innocent, but every single one of them said that you're involved in the munitions deals, you have to find evidence to prove otherwise or we can't help you."

"My bank credit and clean history, are those not good evidence?" Munan retorted.

The chief nodded. "Which is why I am suspicious of their statements. Regardless, you're still our main suspect and we will investigate further. However, this incident has caused the death of one inmates and several prison guards, it will probably influence your court appearance tomorrow."
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