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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 505: Tell Us Where Xia Xinghe Is

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Chapter 505: Tell Us Where Xia Xinghe Is
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However, her tone did get colder, "Xi Munan, tell us honestly, where is Xia Xinghe?"

This question, they had asked many times. Initially Munan would say he didn't know, but after so many repetitions, he simply refused to answer. Lin Yun knew he was not going to cooperate, but she didn't get mad. Instead, she patiently asked, "You and Xia Xinghe are both involved in stealing and profiteering from illegal military munitions, am I right?"

Munan remained silent. He only gave a scoff in reply.

The professional smile was still plastered on Lin Yun's face. "You purposely helped Xia Xinghe escape this country because you were afraid she would sell you out, isn't that true?"


"Xi Munan, as long as you're willing to admit to your sin, I'm sure the judge will look kindly on you. However, if you still refuse to cooperate then your charge will be bigger. You have to understand, Xia Xinghe's connection to the munition organization is ironclad. Now that you've helped her escape, your prison time is confirmed. Only by coming clean can you be pardoned to a certain degree," Lin Yun continued kindly.

He knew this Lin Yun had a fiery character, but every time she came, she was incredibly patient.

Munan stared at her coldly and responded, "Tell me, what kind of plan is your Lin family devising? What do you wish to get from my Xi family?"

Lin Yun didn't expect this curveball. Her eyes shuddered. She smiled thinly. "I don't think I understand what you mean. I was assigned to oversee your case and that's the only reason I'm here."

"I think you are overseeing more than me here." Munan's eyes fell on Saohuang, implicating their relationship. "You two can drop your charade. The only reason you two cooperated is to bring down the Xi family, right?"

Saohuang smiled. "Munan, this accusation is a bit out there. The illegal organization you're supporting may be a threat to this country's safety; I'm here only because I was ordered to be. After all, the whole military is paying a lot of attention to your case."

"But the two of you seem to care about this the most." Munan smirked.

"I can't help it if you want to see it that way, but now, you have to understand that it is you who is facing a criminal charge." Lin Yun said gently, "Munan, I believe that the Xi family wouldn't do anything this overboard. This must be Xia Xinghe's idea, so if you tell us her location, after we detain her, she will bear the brunt of the responsibility. Why should you take the blame for this woman, it's not worth it, don't you agree?"

"It is indeed not worth it for her to take the fall for me," Munan answered.

Saohuang glared at him coldly. "Xi Munan, if you give us her location, you might still have a chance to survive. By not giving us the information, you're courting death!"

Lin Yun nodded, "He's right. As long as we can catch her, you don't need to accept the whole criminal charge. You're going to be summoned to the military court soon; this is the last chance for you to come clean and save yourself."

Munan was done listening. He chuckled sarcastically. "Come clean? If I come clean, I will die faster."

Lin Yun finally narrowed her eyes. "So, you want to fight the law to the bitter end?"

"No, I'm fighting you two until the bitter end," Munan corrected with a smile. "You want me to admit that Xi Family was involved in this trumped up deal? Impossible! I know as much about the law as the both of you, don't think you can tease the words out of me."

He was a military major, of course, he knew they were trapping him. He laughed at Lin Yun and Saohuang's futile attempt to do so.

Lin Yun laughed. "You think we're here to trap you? Even if you don't admit anything, your charges will stick! Xia Xinghe's sin will also fall on your head, are you willing to take up this burden for her?"
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