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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 496: The End of their World

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Chapter 496: The End of their World

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It was as if the world was coming alive!

"We've saved Kelly. It's your call whether to lay waste to IV Syndicate or not, just say the word," Xinghe added softly.

Philip was finally his usual confident self again. His eyes were practically shining as his blood boiled. His presence swept across the hall. Like a newly awakened lion, he was ready to take on the world.

"Of course," Philip gripped the phone and ordered, "Destroy them now!"

He'd had enough of this god-forsaken organization.

Xinghe smiled. "Very well, but I still suggest we take this opportunity to present the world with a good show."

"That's a wonderful idea." Philip laughed as his gaze sought out Aliyah. The latter felt flushed by the feeling of fear.

What is going on?

She would find out soon enough.

Philip turned to the thousands of citizens and endless cameras, and announced with authority, "My fellow countrymen and citizens of the world, today I want to make a serious announcement, but worry not, it is good news. IV Syndicate's main base has been located. Today I will not give a speech but a demonstration! I will use my actions to show the world the consequences of coming after my country's citizens and safety! This destruction of IV Syndicate is only the beginning, this is what I, Philip, promise you!"

Philip's booming voice stunned everyone present and the whole world. They heard everything he said but they still had a hard time processing it.

Just as the whole world was dazed, the large screen behind Philip changed!

It showed a large expanse of desert filled with a sea of military units, soldiers, helicopters, and fighter jets.

A fighter jet flew over the desert sky and dropped a bomb. It exploded, and a mushroom cloud appeared in the sky.

The bomb revealed to the world the IV Syndicate's underground kingdom. The people in the base were stunned by the explosion.

They had been focusing on the election, waiting for Philip to surrender, but the next thing they knew, Philip said he was going to destroy them. Before they could understand what was happening, the screen behind Philip showed the surface level of their underground base. That couldn't be mistaken.

But why didn't their surveillance say anything if an army of such an enormous size had gotten so near?

The whole base was running around like a group of headless chickens, they bumped into each other trying to launch a counter attack.

"Quick return fire and launch our own missiles. Activate our defense system!"

"What‽ The missiles aren't reacting!"

"The defense system is non-responsive; the system is down!"

"Who opened the doors? The military is coming in—"

This sentence sent the whole base into chaos.

"Quick go and grab Philip's b*tch. We'll have to use her as leverage!"

They thought they could use Kelly to bargain their way out of this. However, the men quickly returned and reported, "This is bad, she's not there anymore. Someone's let her go!"

None of the offense or defense systems could be operated. They couldn't stop the soldiers from marching in and their most valuable hostage had disappeared.

The whole IV Syndicate felt like their world was ending.
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