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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 491: Such Pain…

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Chapter 491: Such Pain…

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This organization had too much faith in their surveillance and defense system. Then again, they couldn't have expected to run into a genius like Xinghe.

With Xinghe's help, Mubai's men reached the proximity of Kelly's cell successfully. However, at that time, a few other people were rushing towards Kelly's room.

"Hide, someone's coming!" Xinghe immediately warned them.

Just as Mubai's men went into hiding, the group of people walked past them, opened the cell door, and entered the cell.

Hearing the door open, Kelly who was cowering at the corner of her bed lifted her eyes with fear. The few men glanced at her with derision and disgust. The one leading the group was wearing a while lab coat.

Fear filled Kelly's eyes and her face blanched when she saw that white coat.

"No…" She subconsciously retreated back into the corner.

The white coat ordered, "Detain her!"

"NO!" Kelly tried to scurry away, but two powerful men pressed down on her, she couldn't wiggle even a muscle no matter how hard she struggled.

The white coat then pulled out a syringe and approached Kelly as he stared coldly at her. Kelly had no clue what was in the syringe, but she was sure it was nothing good.

When she was held captive, these mysterious men would shoot her up with substances every other day, her mind would be so muddled that she would be forced to write letters to Philip that she had no recollections of writing.

The stuff that they gave her would cause her immense pain; this time would be no exception!

"No… No, STAY AWAY!" Kelly struggled helplessly as the needle head pierced her skin. She watched as the liquid in the syringe got shot into her body…

Xinghe couldn't hear her voice but could see her torment and despair. Mubai couldn't see anything but could hear her blood-curdling screams.

"They're shooting something into Kelly…" Xinghe said coldly.

Mubai asked, "Can we save her?"

"Don't! If you're discovered, none of you will get away." Xinghe's heart wrenched with pain when she made that decision. They could barge in to save Kelly, but they had to be patient and look at the bigger picture.

If they were discovered, all their plans would fail, and Kelly wouldn't be saved. Therefore, they had to hold still for now.

Soon, Kelly's painful moans came from within the cell. Even Xinghe felt she could hear Kelly from the men's ear-mics.

The worst thing was the white coat's men were recording Kelly's pain with a recorder. The white coat stood before the camera and said, "Philip, we've given your wife a type of highly corrosive poison. If she is not given the antidote in the next two days, then her internal organs will start to fail. When that happens, even God wouldn't be able to save her. Plus, before her death, she will experience the greatest pain imaginable to man, as you can see now…"

The camera panned to Kelly, her screams had reached beyond human decibels, her face a mask of absolute agony and hopelessness.

Her wailings would break the hardest hearts.

When Mubai heard all these, he gripped his fists tightly, his eyes a shade of utter viciousness. Everything that happened to Kelly now, Xinghe had experienced before!

They were injected with the same thing.

Now he knew first-hand how harrowing it was for Xinghe…

Being reminded of that period of torment, Mubai was ready to tear the culprit to shreds!
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