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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 453: Torture

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Chapter 453: Torture

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Xinghe and Sam's group got into one car and the mercenaries another. In the car, Wolf asked, "Is he going after Ryan?"

Sam nodded with a smirk. "He's not hiding the fact that he is."

Ali said with worry, "Will he come after us then?"

"He won't," Xinghe answered, "We hired them through the private bank, they need the reputation and I've paid them quite a handsome amount for their service."

"That's right, these people will do anything for money but ruin their own reputation and credibility because that's their long-time meal ticket," Sam explained and Ali sighed in relief.

"Are we going to save Charlie?" Ali asked.

Xinghe nodded. "We will, but we have to collect more information first."

Xinghe started working after she returned home. Hacking into Barron's military system was a cakewalk for her. The surveillance in the camp was complete so Xinghe found the footage she needed quickly. There were a lot of cameras in and around the jail. Each individual jail had a camera probably because they housed some dangerous people. Xinghe found Charlie in a matter of minutes.

"Charlie! That's Charlie!" Sam yelped when he saw a bloodied man inside a jail cell. Ali and the rest followed his direction and stared at the screen.

"That's Charlie!" Ali said with sadness in her voice, "What happened to him?"

Charlie's four limbs were cuffed to steel chains. He was like a puppet strung to the wall. His hair and beard had grown in to cover most of his face but one could still pick up his features if one looked closely. His body had cuts and bruises. The clothes he had on were dirty and dyed a dark red. He had endured the torture for a long time…

"Has Barron been torturing him for the past month‽" Cairn huffed angrily.

"I'll go kill Barron!" Wolf pulled out a gun and rushed out.

"Don't be hasty!" Sam pulled him back. "You won't be able to do anything even if you go now."

Wolf was enraged. "But Charlie is dying being tortured by them! I can't stand here and do nothing while this is happening to him!"

"Barron is going in!" Ali yelped. Her voice attracted everyone's attention immediately. They all turned to the screen where Barron walked in with one of his men.

The men said no words and gave Charlie two lashes of his whip immediately!

The surveillance was silent but Xinghe and the rest could hear the sound of the whip lashing through the air. The two lashes seemed to fall on Ali and the rest's bodies as well; they grimaced and their eyes glowered darkly.

The pain woke Charlie up from his half-sleep. Barron was talking to him but Charlie gave no response but looked silently at him. This enraged Barron. He grabbed the whip away from his man and dished out the punishment himself.

The whip kept flying over the air and Charlie's features twisted in pain, however not a word escaped from his clenched teeth.

However, the more he defied him, the harder Barron whipped. Each lash tore open old and new wounds on Charlie's body. On the screen, they could see fresh blood spraying in the air…

Sam and the rest's fists were clenched; the eyes that were on Barron were practically burning.
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