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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 451: I'm a Poor Shot

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Chapter 451: I'm a Poor Shot

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They didn't even have time to react to what had happened. Almost all of them had been wiped out before they even knew who their enemies were…

This sudden development scared the few remaining people. With no regards for Ryan, they escaped, begging for dear life. However, that was impossible.

"Don't leave even one rat alive!" Sam ordered. Wolf and the rest opened fire, and the escaping men collapsed into lifeless piles. Ryan looked at all these with a blank expression. Who can tell me what's going on…

However, he subconsciously lifted up his gun and pointed it at Sam. His dark skin frighteningly pale.

"Stay, stay away from me!" He demanded in a shaking voice. There were even tears streaming down his face. Sam and the rest shook their heads in derision while looking at him. They were not fazed by his threat.

"Ryan, I advise you to put down your gun…"

"Don't come near me!" Like a spooked bird, Ryan pressed on the trigger upon hearing Sam's voice. Sam jumped out of the way and the rest all cursed loudly.

"F*ck, he really fired!"

"Sh*t, I'll shoot him in the head!"

Wolf pulled out his pistol to end Ryan, but at that moment, Xinghe's clear voice rang out, "Stop."

Wolf froze and turned to see Xinghe walking into view with twenty mercenaries behind her. The mercenaries surrounded her, keeping her in the middle of their protective circle. They scanned the surrounding alertly before their gazes fell on Ryan.

Ryan was already out of bullets but he still pressed the trigger relentlessly like a mad man. Since everyone's attention was on Xinghe, Ryan took the opportunity to crawl to reach a gun not far away from him.

The moment his hand reached out, a bullet was shot, grazing his arm, almost incapacitating him. Ryan retracted his arm with a scream and looked at Xinghe who fired the bullet.

Xinghe's pistol was aimed at Ryan. She said calmly, "I'm a poor shot, why don't you try your luck again?"

Ryan went as still as a statue. Even Sam's gang felt chilled by her words. The poor shots were the most dangerous because no one could tell who they would hurt!

Xinghe was satisfied with Ryan's reaction. She stopped before his cowering body and asked, "Do you want to die?"

Ryan shook his head vigorously. Who would want that?

Xinghe nodded. "Good, then answer my question, where is Charlie?"

Ryan swallowed hard when he saw the threat in Xinghe's eyes. She would not hesitate to kill him if he lied or refused to answer…

Ryan couldn't have imagined that this woman, who'd just recently appeared, would be so powerful. She even managed to get herself a group of mercenaries. Is it true that she is really related to Charlie?

No matter what, she was not someone he could cross. There were so many people hoping for his death; he was a lamb waiting for slaughter. However, Ryan was not so dumb as to give up everything.

He stared right at Xinghe and said, "It's not that I don't want to say, but even if I do, I'll still die."
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