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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 441: Pair of Disgusting Eyes

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Chapter 441: Pair of Disgusting Eyes

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It was not yet time to eliminate the SamWolf group or it might cause a ruckus among the other civilian groups. However, he had to find a way to make that woman part of his collection!

His pair of viper-like eyes swept over every inch of Xinghe's body and Barron said with a creepy smile, "You people can go now, but remember to come find your general if you're in any type of trouble."

"…" Who's going to believe that?

"Don't forget about me," Barron said that while blowing Xinghe a slurping kiss. There was a dangerous message in his pair of lascivious eyes.

Ali quickly pulled Xinghe away, afraid that Barron would suddenly change his mind and do something against Xinghe. Xinghe took a few steps forward before turning back to meet Barron's pair of disgusting eyes. Hers, on the other hand, were clear and devoid of emotion. She eventually looked away.

After they left, Ryan quickly moved forward to placate Barron, "Sir, that was brilliant. If not for you, that bunch of people wouldn't have left this place willingly."

Barron responded coldly, "How can I entrust you something more significant if you can't accomplish something so easy?"

"Sir, this wasn't our fault. As you know, my group has nothing so we have no way of growing stronger. But now that we're your men, we're definitely heading towards glory, guided by Your Excellency. We swore our lasting loyalty to you, no matter what you order us to do, we will do it without asking any questions!"

This kind of loyal dog was what Barron wanted. He said, "Everything that belonged to SamWolf including the weapons, are now yours. Remember to not disappoint me again."

"Yes, sir!" Ryan gave him a military salute. Barron looked at him and smiled satisfactorily.

Sam's gang took Xinghe a fair distance away and made sure no one was following them before they sighed in relief.

"Sh*t! F*ck!" Wolf cursed as he kicked at a roadside trashcan. "I will never forgive any of the Grey Rats! And that f*cking Barron, he deserves to rot in hell!"

Sam was equally furious. "We used to follow Charlie and did so much for Barron. Now that Charlie has disappeared, he has the audacity to turn on us like this; he is worse than an animal!"

"I so wanted to kill him," Ali wheezed in fury before she sighed despondently, "We've lost our house just like that…"

It seemed like Ali had a more emotional connection to the house than the guys. Cairn also lamented, "We'd just collected so many weapons and were forced to hand them over to someone else."

"The Grey Rats are the weakest among all the groups, the only advantage they have is numbers. Why would Barron have any use for them?" Sam asked after he had calmed down.

This confused Wolf as well. "He was willing to kick us out of our house to side with them. There is nothing in Grey Rats' record that will compel Barron to value them so."

Xinghe answered suddenly, "They must be in some kind of profit-based contract."

That was the only logical explanation.

"You're right." Cairn nodded.

"But what kind of contract will that be? The Grey Rats are poorer than us," Ali said confusedly.

"No matter what it is, there must be something between them. Regardless, it is not the time to worry about others. It is obvious that this is not the last time we'll see Barron, so what will we do in the future?" Sam said worriedly.

Ali had other worry. "I see that Barron will not let Xinghe go so easily as well. He will attempt something sooner or later."

Her words brought the atmosphere to an all-time low.
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