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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 434: Ruined Bodies

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Chapter 434: Ruined Bodies

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In other words, no matter the outcome, there were only benefits for Xinghe travelling with them. Just like that, Xinghe hopped into their car. As they travelled, they started talking. They were curious about Xinghe's identity and asked her many questions, like where did she come from, why was she there, how did she get captured.

Xinghe answered these questions in broad strokes, then she asked about their ragtag group of people.

The talkative Sam answered, "This group of people? We're not a terrorist group but we're not the military either."

"Then, what are you?" Xinghe asked with a furrowed brow.

Ali smiled. "We are civilian mercenary group that the country allows. There are not enough soldiers to contain the riots so the government needs help from groups like us."

"The group's name is SamWolf, can you guess where the name came from?" Sam asked with a smile.

Xinghe looked at him and answered with a question, "Was this group started by you and Wolf?"

Sam feigned shock. "How did you know?"

"Isn't that a given?" Ali rolled her eyes. The shy and quiet Cairn stared at Xinghe and offered, "Miss Xia, if you don't mind, you can join us."

Wolf who was driving nodded. "That's right, we're lacking a technical member and you're a very good one."

"Of course, we're not forcing you to join us, plus you can leave at any time you want," Sam added, giving Xinghe a lot of leeway.

Ali who had a good impression of Xinghe, urged her, "Xinghe, just say you'll join us. Even though we can't promise you a life of luxury, we can ensure your basic safety!"

"This group will only grow bigger in the future and by then, you'll have the pride of calling yourself the founding members," Sam added.

Xinghe nodded. "I can join as a temporary member, but I need your help."

"What kind of help, tell us," Ali said happily.

"I have a friend…" Xinghe elaborated on the whole thing with the plane. "I have no idea whether he is even dead or alive so I need your help to find out."

"No problem, we will help you ask around!" Sam promised with a bump on his chest.

Xinghe stressed, "I hope this is done as soon as possible because I need to find him soon. I will be providing the money involved of course, that is not an issue."

Sam thought about it and said, "This does require some money but we will not swindle you out of your money since most of it will be used to grease some palms."

"How much?" Xinghe asked directly.

"Hard to say, cash is not worth much in today's climate. You might need to go to certain places to exchange gold bars first."

"Then let's go."

Xinghe was anxious to find Mubai. As men of their words, Sam and the gang started calling for help in the car, however the answers they received was the same. The plane indeed exploded, this was common knowledge, and the crash site was a ruin.

The bodies found there were already beyond recognition. Furthermore, this thing happened way too often in their country for the government to really put any effort into the identification of the bodies.
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