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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 431: A Bet

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Chapter 431: A Bet

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"No way!" Wolf opposed solemnly, "This group of people is too large, we'll make such easy target and they're a bunch of defenseless women."

Ali's face fell because he was right. Wolf continued, "Ali, the three of us only came to save you; Cairn can't hold on any longer. I can only save you or else every one of us is going to die."

"But…" Ali turned to the women's scared faces with difficulty. Can we really leave them behind?

Wolf said through gritted teeth, "You guys can try escaping on your own but I would advise against that because it'll only invite death."

"No, I have to leave this place, I don't want to be sold," a woman wailed. This started a chain reaction and they begged Wolf to lead them to safety.

Wolf's face was drawn. "I'm sorry, I cannot guarantee the safety of so many people when I cannot guarantee my own safety."

"Then we shall try to escape on our own; it's either death or hell on Earth!" one of the women said with determination. The group of women was ready to charge outside but was stopped by Xinghe.

"Everyone stay put for now, you leave after all the guards are dead," she told them. They were confused by what she meant. Xinghe didn't explain but she turned to Wolf to ask, "If there's enough support, do you people have confidence to kill everyone here?"

Ali took the chance to elaborate. "Wolf, she saved my life earlier."

Wolf was stunned before answering truthfully, "Definitely, these wusses aren't our match, but we have too few men on our side."

Xinghe looked at the surveillance room opposite them and said, "Follow me, let's hope this bet pays off."

With that, she rushed into the surveillance. "What are you doing?" Ali yelped but she still pulled Wolf along with her as she followed Xinghe.

The three of them entered the surveillance room safely. Wolf quickly shut the door, and berated Xinghe, "That was too risky, if someone saw us, we would be dead."

Xinghe ignored him and sat down in front on the computer and started working.

"What are you doing?" Ali moved forward to ask.

Xinghe's fingers worked the keyboard at lightning speed. She asked without taking her eyes off the screen, "You're wearing an ear-mic right?"

Ali and Wolf looked at one another before realizing what she was asking. Wolf touched the device in his ear and replied, "That's right, but why do you ask?"

"I can give your friends the location of all the enemies."

As she said so, small squares of surveillance footage appeared on screen. Other than the men of the base, Ali and Wolf also saw their friends. Xinghe noticed two men who were locked in combat with about fifteen men.

They were at a disadvantage even though they were obviously the more experienced ones. They were simply too short handed. However, if they knew where the enemies were hiding, things would be a lot easier. Wolf understood what Xinghe meant immediately. He rushed forward and without Xinghe's order, used his ear-mic to communicate to his comrades the hiding spot of their enemies.

With Wolf's orders, his men quickly turned the tables. They'd taken down many people already, but Xinghe didn't stop there; she started operating another computer. The surveillance room was actually very simple and crude, it only had two computers. The men on surveillance duty probably joined the combat as well, so there was no one around.
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