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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 44: He Still Cares About You

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Chapter 44: He Still Cares About You

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The car window rolled down to reveal Mubai's handsome face; a face that could make every woman's heart skip a beat.

Yet Xinghe was unruffled.

The look that she gave him was completely different from before.

It was not the frightened and dependent look she had when they were married, nor was it filled with stress and anxiety like how it was during their first encounter 3 years after their divorce.

In just a matter of 10 days, Xinghe had transformed into a different person.

Feeling her apathetical gaze, Mubai said lightly, "Get in, I'll give you a ride."

"…" Give her a ride?

Xinghe frowned slightly, she believed he was making a joke out of her. She turned her head back and walked straight ahead, not giving him an extra look.

Is she refusing him?

Mubai laughed self-deprecatingly.

He had never been rebuffed by the opposite sex in his life and yet Xinghe had recently rejected his offer multiple times already.

They say you can't be friends after a divorce, so that's true?

However, it was his belief that despite their divorce, there was no reason for them to treat each other as their sworn enemy the rest of their lives.

Also, frankly, he was a bit miffed from her constant rejection.

The car followed her slowly and Mubai said through the open window, "Don't get me wrong, I just want to talk to you about Lin Lin."

As he expected, Xinghe ceased walking when she heard Xi Lin's name.

"What do you want to talk about?" she asked probingly.

"Get in," Mubai repeated himself. It was obvious that he wouldn't say any more if she didn't get in his car.

Xinghe strode across the front of his car and got into the passenger seat.

Mubai was slightly taken aback because he thought she would keep on walking.

He looked at Xinghe's beautiful profile and his eyes deepened, realizing she had truly changed.

The change went deeper than her surface personality, it was as if her very essence had undergone an alteration.

Even though she had on the cheapest clothes, zero make-up and no expensive accessories, she didn't look out of place in his million-dollar car.

It was as if it wasn't her honor to be in the car but the car's honor to have her.

This was puzzling, where does this newfound confidence come from?

Curiosity flashed temporarily in Mubai's eyes. The woman beside him had suddenly become much more interesting.

"Where to?" Mubai asked as he revved the car engine.


Speaking of which, Mubai wanted to ask how did they manage to pay the medical bill.

After the debacle, he had someone ask around the hospital. He was told that they paid the 300000 RMB bill in full; no wonder she didn't want the alimony cheque he offered that day.

Then again, to his knowledge, they had always been poor so where did they get the money?

Mubai kept the question to himself because he knew Xinghe wouldn't answer even if he asked.

"Talk," Xinghe said suddenly. He was pulled out of his thoughts, he took a moment to realize what she was referring to.

"Lin Lin has been given the best care possible for the past few years," he said, "rarely does he mention you."

Xinghe lowered her head, shielding her face from his view.

She was a human made of flesh and blood, her heart still hurt from what he said. Then again, she couldn't blame her son for not missing her, after all, the divorce was her own choice…

It was she who voluntarily gave up her marriage and child.

Mubai stole a glance at her and continued, "He is a very good kid, I thought your absence no longer bothered him, but in reality, he still cares about you."

Xinghe's body trembled lightly. "Does he?" she replied.
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