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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 429: Loss of Humanity

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Chapter 429: Loss of Humanity
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As if sensing their impending doom, the women became crazed, struggling from the men's grips as they wailed and screamed uncontrollably. The group of men didn't expect such a violent reaction, resulting in a few women managing to get away from their grip. However, they didn't get mad, instead they started laughing amusedly. They continued the cat and mouse game. The women continued struggling with all of their might, sending the room into utter chaos.

The men's laughter and curses combined with the women's screaming and crying was intense enough to bring the roof down.

Some of the men went straight to business, trapping the women with their bodies. The women who were assaulted struggling like crazy but the more they struggled, the more inhumane the men became…

The men had lost all traces of humanity and rationality. Some of them grabbed the women's heads and pounded them against the walls or the ground, grinding them figuratively and literally.

One of them forwent the boss' order and jumped at Xinghe viciously. "Get lost—" Xinghe kicked at him, the unexpected kick sent the man tumbling to the floor.

"F*ck, b*tch, I'm going to make you pay for that!" The angered man advanced on Xinghe again. This time, he pinned down Xinghe's limbs and started to tear away at Xinghe's clothes as his other hand slapped her continuously to keep her obedient.

At that moment, a man's ragged scream rang out among the crowd. Everyone was stunned by the sudden scream. Then, they saw a short-haired woman with an Asian face, used the thin razor in her hands to slit the throat of the man who assaulted her. The man held on the neck wound with dear life as his eyes bulged in disbelief. He didn't expect the harmless woman to be so ruthless and fast…

So fast, he didn't have time to defend himself. However, it was too late for regret. An artery was ruptured, the pain made his eyes bulge in fear. He glared angrily at the woman before him, his eyes burning with lethal intent. However, the next second, he crumbled to the floor like wet laundry.

He was dead…

That sobered up the rest of the men, they pulled out their guns.

"F*ck, kill her!" One of the men shouted angrily. The short-haired woman took a defensive step back, staring at her attackers with a pair of vengeful eyes. Minutes before the men pulled their trigger, they heard a gunshot coming from outside. This sent another shock through the crowd. Before they could recover, a series of gunshots rang out.

"Sh*t, we're under attack!" someone shouted from outside. The faces of the men in the room changed, they left the women behind and rushed out.

However, at the last minute, one of the men stopped and walked back in, his gun aimed directly at that short-haired woman's head.

The woman who'd just sighed in relief tensed up again and her face blanched. The man's face lit up with an evil smile as his finger applied pressure on the trigger…

The shot was fired but it missed its mark because Xinghe tackled the man at the last minute. The short-haired woman was surprised that someone had come to her aid. However, she quickly recovered and also charged at the man.
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