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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 421: Sleeping Beside Her

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Chapter 421: Sleeping Beside Her
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Xinghe understood their thoughts so kept her own to herself. Words were nothing but a waste of time. She needed to start working soon. The car soon reached the Xi family's old mansion. Since Munan brought her there, she treated the place like it was her home, she walked in liberally. The Xi family was indeed waiting for her. After they asked about her current condition, their questions moved into more serious territories and Xinghe answered them all.

"Stay here for the next few days, and don't go anywhere. We will handle the rest, thank you for your help earlier," Grandfather Xi told her with a light tone. They already knew about Xinghe's contribution in the military. They felt she had done more than her fair share, so they didn't want to trouble her anymore. However, Xinghe had her own plan but it was not the time to divulge it to them.

There was only question she needed to ask. "When will Mubai return?"

Munan answered, "Big Brother should be home today but we're not sure on the exact time."

Xinghe nodded and said, "I think I will go rest for now, is that okay?"

"Of course. Maid, please take Miss Xia to her room," Grandfather Xi called out. A maid walked over and led her away. Munan was glad because Xinghe didn't seem to have any aversion to their presence. In fact, she seemed rather comfortable there. He thought she would reject their kindness but thankfully she didn't. It looked like she was starting to warm up to them…

He believed it was only a matter of time until they were a real family. After Xinghe left, the rest started discussing other matters. Xinghe cleared her mind of everything, she took a bath and slept after she reached the guest room. She understood what her body needed; what she needed then was a good rest. After all, only with a good rest could she have enough energy to do more things.

Two days of back to back interrogations had exhausted Xinghe. She fell asleep quickly. The sleep was long because when she woke up next, it was already midnight. She opened her eyes to realize someone was lying beside her. Xinghe was slightly taken aback when she saw that familiar face.

It came as a surprise to her to find Mubai sleeping next to her when she woke up. He also seemed rather worse for wear. He was deeply asleep and breathing steadily, he was still in the clothes he'd arrived in. When did he return?

She was so out of it that she didn't realize when that happened. However, it was good that he had returned because she had something to discuss with him.

Just like that, Xinghe lay there without moving. She took occasional pauses in her thinking to look at Mubai.

For some reason, perhaps it was because they hadn't seen each other for quite some time, the lines around his face had gotten deeper. Xinghe even admitted he had gotten rather charming…

As to what kind of charm she was unable to tell but she found that her gaze kept returning to him. Plus, this was the first time she'd had the chance to study his features at such a close distance. Xinghe realized many details that had missed her attention before, for example, Mubai's lashes weren't only thick but also long. He had good, almost flawless skin, his nose was more aquiline than she thought and his lips seemed to always be curved into an amused expression…

Being asleep softened his features and stripped away his usual unapproachable aura. Xinghe felt… comfortable in his presence.

She wondered, how come before she had the impression that Mubai was a robot-esque creature with a shield that deterred others from getting close?

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This is going to be a very long arc so prepare yourselves. The Wartorn Country Y Arc: 421 - 446 [Meeting New Friends and Enemies]; 447 - 462 [Saving Charlie]; 463 - 477 [Reunion]; 478 - 503 [IV Syndicate and Return to Hwa Xia]; 504 - 520 [Going to Court].
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